‘Supergirl’ (Season 2): Following Her Heart

Following Her Heart

It’s been several months since we’ve had a new episode of the former CBS now The CW series Supergirl because of its long winter break. But a new episode finally aired last night bringing the caped one back to our small screens.

It has long been known that Kara Danvers aka Supergirl loves her family (both on Krypton and here on Earth) and her friends. It’s also been known that she follows her heart. That was never more apparent than in last night’s episode when Kara did just that: she followed her heart. Of course, the path that she had to follow was quite rocky.

It started out with Supergirl being in a funk from battling against jewelry thieves and other non-alien threats, but it concluded with her and fellow alien Mon-El ending up on a planet that was known as Slaver’s Moon – ironically through a portal that was very, very reminiscent of the portal used in the long-running series Stargate.

Supergirl and Mon-El (who was there albeit a bit reluctantly) were there in the hope of saving a number of missing persons, including a young girl whose mother came to Kara – or more specifically her curmudgeon of a boss Snapper Carr – who the mother seemed to believe could help find her missing daughter.

As we know, Snapper isn’t the type of man who follows his heart on anything – if he even has one; well, at least not a heart that he will allow anyone to see, that is. But since Kara was in the room at the time and we know she has a BIG heart, well, you guessed it she followed it straight to a medical clinic that was the common denominator for all of the missing people.

Those who were MIA had given blood at this clinic before they disappeared; and naturally, Kara had to find out why. Although I doubt she had any idea that aliens – or for that matter that her foe the multi-tattooed Roulette – were involved. [And don’t get me started on that Dominator from the big crossover event between all four DC Comics shows was on that planet too!]

Despite being weakened by the red sun on Slaver’s Moon, Supergirl and the kidnapped humans were able to fight their way out of their prison – before being “purchased” by the Dominator [again, don’t get me started on that inclusion in the story!] – and with the aid of Alex and a team of soldiers from the DEO – with a rather reluctant Winn in tow – were able to get everyone off that planet and back on Earth.

Even without her powers, Supergirl followed her heart believing she could save everyone from become slaves and, once back on Earth, was able to complete an 800-word, well-researched and fully-sourced article on the missing persons case, presenting it to her boss. Yeah, he may be a curmudgeon but I figure he probably ran with that story, don’t you? In the end, Supergirl/Kara followed her heart and it paid off for everyone.

What were your thoughts on the first new episode of ‘Supergirl’ for 2017? Why do you think that Dominator let Mon-El go and what do those other aliens want with him? Is there something that he has been keeping secret that is assuredly going to cause problems for everyone on Earth? Do you think that one day following her heart just might cause Kara/Supergirl some real problems that might not work out in the end? Please share your comments below.

And remember, the next new episode of the second season of ‘Supergirl’ will air on The CW on Monday, January 31 at 8/7c.

PS: It should be noted that the young girl who was reported missing to Snapper Carr was played by Harley Quinn Smith, who just happens to be the daughter of director Kevin Smith, who just so happened to direct last night’s episode.

  • David Phelps

    Late November wasn’t “several months” ago. Let’s keep the hyperbole in check.
    I didn’t really care for Kara being in a funk because she only had jewel thieves and such to deal with. It’s a good thing when a major calamity isn’t happening every day. Be happy, Kara. Saving the day means people are in peril. Better if they’re not.
    The Dominator clearly recognized Mon-El. Who he is is debatable but he could easily be the prince–or an interstellar criminal–or something else yet.
    I think following her heart is a major part of who Kara is. As such, it means a certain vulnerability and that always involves the possibility for getting hurt.

  • Gandi007

    Where is the Kara Mon-EL Relationship gonna Go? They friends partners lovers? It’s anyone’s guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out

    • David Phelps

      I think the writers are going to try to start a romantic relationship for them. The chemistry is certainly there and we’ve seen that he likes her, she seems a bit more ambivalent but I doubt it would take much. We’ve also been told that Winn still has feelings for her that haven’t been resolved so he might not like a romantic relationship for the two of them.

      My personal theory is that we won’t see Mon-El much beyond this season. Same as with Lucy Lane last season. She was what, J’onn’s deputy in charge of the DEO and now she’s not around any more? She was there as part of a love triangle and when they didn’t need her any more she was gone. Plus, Mon-El is supposed to end up in the future with the Legion of Superheroes. He can’t stick around forever.

  • ptjackson

    Since you mentioned Stargate SG-1, I would like to add that the sequence near the end where Winn had to figure out how to operate the portal to get them all home was *very* similar to Daniel and his need to dial the gate in the pilot episode of SG-1. Everyone was escaping and running towards him telling him the dial the gate and he was all excited. Watch it sometime and see if you don’t agree! Winn channeling Daniel was my favorite part of the episode…