Teen Wolf: Beacon Hills Check-In

Hey there, fellow Teen Wolf fans! When we last gathered to discuss the tale of Alpha Wolf Scott and his Scooby squad, Stiles and Peter investigated the possibility of escaping the purgatory-like train station the Ghost Riders took them to after literally snatching them from existence. Peter made a risky escape and was not in good shape when we last saw him. Claudia Stilinski continued to deepen suspicions about her sudden reappearance, as she repeatedly got in the way of Lydia’s efforts to remember Stiles. Scott, Lydia and Malia were able to briefly connect with Stiles because Roscoe the Jeep might just be the real MVP of the Teen Wolf series. And now, a few thoughts on the developments in “Ghosted” (original air date: 1/3/2017), “Heartless” (original air date: 1/10/2017) and “Blitzkrieg” (original air date: 1/17/2017):

A Confession
I spent most of last season complaining about Theo, his smug face and his crew of chimeras. Much to my surprise, I found Theo to be a welcome presence when he was released from his purgatory in Ghosted and then took part in the “Ghost Rider Interrogation” mission. Was anyone else screaming at their screen for Theo to immediately close the MOUNTAIN ASSSHHHHHHHH circle as soon as Mr. Douglas went into the cage to sort out his unresolved issues with the Ghost Riders?

Opportunity Missed
I will be eternally bitter about the loss of Arden Cho this season. The Ghost Riders arc has been a constant reminder of the missed opportunity to let the feisty kitsune shine. Instead, we got Kira’s mother and Kira’s sword – used by Liam. Ugh.

A Revelation
At long last we finally learned the name of Sheriff Noah Stilinski’s son – Mieczyslaw Stilinski. I’m pretty sure that there were some dedicated fan fiction writers who had already correctly guessed Stiles’s real name using hints provided by Jeff Davis and narrowing down possibilities based on Stiles’s characterization on the show. Never underestimate the dedication and enterprise of the Teen Wolf fandom!

Indeed, it was a fun bit for the writers to make this revelation in the final season of the show. Not knowing Stiles’s real name would have been more frustrating than the old Fox series Martin ending without ever revealing if Tommy had a job and where he worked. But I digress.

The best part of the revelation was the strong acting of Linden Ashby. Blitzkrieg was easily his best performance of the series and I’m kinda mad at the Teen Wolf writers for not giving him more to do! I do question, however, why the writers chose to make Claudia so suspicious. It felt like an unnecessary character beat if her presence was just a coping mechanism for Stiles’s absence.

Looking Ahead
I remain intrigued by the Peter Hale of it all this season. Teen Wolf has really struggled with creating villains who manage to be both captivating and horrifying. I have not paid close attention to production details, so I do not know how much more we will see Ian Bohen this season. In an ideal world, however, Peter Hale would be the final big bad of the series after the writers do their usual routine of focusing on one big bad and then switching to another.

At the moment, it looks like the writers have already taken that turn by presenting Mr. Douglas as a foe more menacing than the Ghost Riders. Nothing about Douglas, the flashbacks or the wild hunt are working for me. I simply do not care. This show is at its villainous best when the main nemesis has a deeply personal tie to one of the central characters. Yes, it is bad that the Ghost Riders have taken a crap ton of people and unsurprisingly Scott is determined to save them all. None of that – not even Stiles’s kidnapping – makes the Ghost Riders compelling. The Dred Doctors suffered from the same problem, as the connections to the core group felt plot driven and forced.

The Nogitsune was amazing because it possessed a beloved character and helped introduce Kira. That scene in the hospital when Stiles and Scott hug because they thought Stiles was possibly dying from the same condition that took his mother was one of the best of the series. Similarly, the kanima mystery worked – arguably a bit less effectively – because of the Jackson angle. The concept for both the Nogitsune and the kanima also worked because the villainous traits were well aligned with the characterizations of Stiles and Jackson respectively.

And then there’s Peter Hale. The first season of Teen Wolf is easily my favorite. The writers struck the perfect balance between Scott’s origin story and the mysterious reveal of Peter Hale as the vengeful wolf driven to take down the people responsible for killing most of the Hale family at all costs – even if it caused a lot of trouble for his nephew Derek. The series could end on a really strong note if it concludes with a final showdown between Scott and Peter. It is long overdue. It would create an avenue for possibly checking in and closing out Kate Argent’s storyline and create some interesting tension within the pack because of the Peter/Malia relationship. I don’t really care so much about whether Scott kills Peter in the end. I’m fine with Scott pulling another killing by proxy a la the murder of the Darach. This would be much more compelling to watch than Peter getting a redemption arc and continuing on the ho hum path of being the unwitting ally.

If the writers want to conclude Teen Wolf with a sense of hope for the future of Beacon Hills under the leadership of Liam, I think Peter’s end – not his redemption – is vital. Let Theo rise as the new sometimes friend, sometimes foe to Liam.

Until Next Time!

I will be back in a few weeks with another Beacon Hills check-in! In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Ghosted, Heartless and Blitzkrieg? What’s your take on the final big bad of the series? Sound off below!