It’s Mid-Season – How are Your Shows Doing?

Z Nation, Grimm, Braindead, Timeless

The TV mid-season has arrived. Shows who had their premieres delayed from the fall are starting to pop up like prairie dogs in a whack-a-mole game, and shows that took a holiday hiatus are starting to reappear – albeit slowly. Of course, we also have lots of programming interruptions coming up like the Super Bowl and awards shows, so we will continue to see irregularities in the schedule, but despite that, we can look forward to a busy winter/spring of programming.

As I look forward to new shows premiering, I have also been keeping track on a mental scorecard of my current shows. Sadly, some of them have been canceled or this is the final season. Others are on the cusp of cancellation. And then there are those that have not had their fate announced. But, luckily for me, there are many that are among the series announced for renewal for another season. Let’s look briefly at the shows I am including on my mental list.

Continuing Shows znation_s2_show

I am fortunate that many of the shows I watch faithfully have already been renewed for another year! These programs are solid performers and the networks that carry them know that and thus are confident in announcing their continuation. It warms my heart, which is kind of important at this time of year if you live in a cold climate, to know that I will be able to continue enjoying these characters and situations!

Not all the series I watch have a fall premiere, so the seasons can run differently than the traditional fall to spring. In particular, the cable network shows tend to start at what seem to be irregular times. But, there is occasionally method in the madness, such as when one program ends and something else takes the time slot for its run. This happens a lot with cable shows where the seasons are ten to thirteen episodes as opposed to the network model that can be up to twenty-two episodes.

Arrow – The CW (renewed for season six)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – The CW (renewed for season three)
The Flash – The CW (renewed for season four)
NCIS – CBS (renewed for season fifteen)
Supergirl – The CW (renewed for season three)
Supernatural -The CW (renewed for season thirteen)
The Walking Dead – AMC (renewed for season eight)
Talking Dead – AMC (renewed for season seven)
Fear the Walking Dead – AMC (renewed for season three)
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – BBC America (renewed for season two)
Game of Thrones – HBO (renewed for season eight through final season)
The Last Ship – TNT (renewed for season five)
Van Helsing – Syfy (renewed for season two)
Westworld – HBO (renewed for season two)
Z Nation – Syfy (renewed for season four)
Twelve Monkeys – Syfy (renewed for season three)
The Expanse – Syfy (renewed for season four and premiering soon!)
Killjoys – Syfy (renewed for season three)
Dark Matter – Syfy (renewed for season three)
The 100 – The CW (renewed for season four)

Final Season Premieres


One of my favorite shows, Grimm – NBC (season six is the final season), has recently premiered what will be its last season. While I am very sad about this, at least they will have an opportunity to tie up story threads and go out on their own terms. True, the original twenty-two episode season six was cut to thirteen episodes, but many shows are just cut off with no opportunity for a proper finale.

Also coming later this year are the final seasons of three other shows I enjoy watching. These include Halt and Catch Fire – AMC, The Strain – FX, and Turn – AMC. Again, it is nice that they will be able to wrap up their stories in a satisfying way for the viewer, but sad to see them go!

On the Cusp

Timeless - Season 1

While networks have been announcing renewals for another season, not all shows have been notified of their continuation. Some of these shows were solid performers and the networks are likely waiting for more ratings information before renewing. I hope that all of them get renewed because I find them interesting!

You will note that several of these are first season series. This is too bad, because by the time the possible cancellation was announced, enough of the first season episodes had aired for me to really be getting into the program and the characters. I know that others feel as I do – shows today do not get enough time to develop their characters and viewers do not get enough time to grow to love them. Admittedly I understand that TV is a business and they cannot keep a lot of poor performing programs on the air, but it does seem to me to be possibly costlier to keep starting new programs with what I would think are high start-up costs. But then I am not a network executive, so there is that!

The Odd Couple – CBS (cut back to a thirteen episode season three, possibly no fourth)
NCIS Los Angeles – CBS
NCIS New Orleans – CBS
Major Crimes – TNT
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – ABC
Sleepy Hollow – Fox
iZombie – The CW (hopeful for this show but nothing official announced yet)
Lucifer – Fox (network ordered a full season two, making season three seem possible)
Conviction – ABC (network did not order a back half to season one, making cancellation likely)
No Tomorrow – The CW (network did not order a back half to season one, making cancellation likely)
Frequency – The CW (network did not order a back half to season one, making cancellation likely)
Timeless – NBC (first season started strong, but ratings have been slipping)
Pure Genius – CBS (network did not order a back half to season one, making cancellation likely)

Canceled Outright

BrainDead 1

Two programs I enjoyed have been canceled outright. One was a first season summer show, Braindead – CBS, and the other ran for three seasons before getting the axe, Murder in the First – TNT. Murder in the First did not get a final season to wrap the story lines and that is very unsatisfying for the viewer, especially after investing so much time into the program.


How are your programs performing? Do you have any cancellations or show endings that you are really sad about? Do you have some renewals that make you jump for joy? Are you worried about your shows on the cusp? Let me know in the comments section below!