POLL: What is Your Favorite Humiliation of Holmes by the Hacker Collective Everyone?

Holmes and Watson - Elementary

Before I begin, I want to give a shout out to a fellow writer on this website, Mark Trammell, who among other things has written Elementary reviews. He is the person that gave me the idea for this article, and I really appreciate it!

Everyone is a hacker collective that occasionally helps Holmes and Watson by providing information or support for a case. There are some that compare Everyone to the Baker Street Irregulars from the original books. For those of you unfamiliar with the books, which includes me, the Baker Street Irregulars were a group of street urchins who Holmes paid to collect information for his investigations.

Notice that I said “some,” because there is also support for the idea that on Elementary Holmes has a loose group of experts that he can call upon when he needs a particular expertise which is the equivalent of the Irregulars. And, on Elementary, Holmes has others – petty street criminals for instance – that also form a sort of informant network for him.

But, it really does not matter for the purposes of this article if Everyone represents a sort of Baker Street Irregulars group or not. The delicious fact I want to explore is the forms of public humiliation Everyone visits on Holmes as their payment for the information he seeks.

To add a bit of context, as portrayed on Elementary, Holmes is socially awkward, somewhat reclusive and arrogantly intelligent. Thus, the fact that Everyone chooses to receive their payment not in money but rather in tasks performed by Holmes that will likely humiliate him is one of the little details that adds humor to the program. Just how far is Holmes willing to go in order to get the information he needs? Well, based on the tasks to date, pretty far!

Shoe on Head

Holmes - Elementary

We first met Everyone in the third episode of season two, titled, “We Are Everyone.” Holmes and Watson are beset with a “life-ruin” by Everyone as a response to the belief that the enemies of a document leaker they are seeking to protect resides at Holmes’ brownstone. Holmes does manage to convince them that the is not the leaker’s enemy, and is then asked to submit to a ritual of humiliation – by sending them a picture of himself with a shoe on his head. We never do get to see him with a shoe on his head, but I can imagine how adorable he looks! Just imagine a shoe on his head instead of the deerstalker hat in the photo above…

Singing Frozen Songs While Wearing a Lavender, Fluffy Prom Dress

Holmes and Watson - Elementary

In the nineteenth episode of season two, titled “The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville,” we once again have mention of Everyone. Holmes needs some help with tracking down some social media pages deleted by a man on the run. In return, Everyone expected Holmes to perform the songs from Frozen while wearing a fluffy, lavender prom dress. Again, we were not able to see him either wear the dress or sing, but we did catch a glimpse of the dress as he carried in around the brownstone before going off to perform!

Wearing a Sign Inviting Public Arm Punches

Holmes and Watson - Elementary

In the very same episode, Everyone exacted another payment of humiliation for our favorite detective in the form of a public sign inviting people to punch him in the arm. We were fortunate to witness at least part of this pay-off which was quite humorous as he denied people who came back more than once and allowed people’s children to punch him!

Searching for a Cat in a Church Steeple

Holmes and Watson - Elementary

Then we have the instance from the twenty-first episode of season two, entitled “The Man With the Twisted Lip,” where Holmes had to search for a lost cat belonging to a member of Everyone. Unfortunately, he had to go to the steeple of a church, where he encountered a bat colony in the process. Watching him clean bat guano from his shoes was priceless!

Delivering a Treatise on Why Bella Should Have Ended up with Jacob to Twilight Fans

Holmes Research - Elementary

Everyone returned in the ninth episode of season three, “The Eternity Injection,” with an especially creative method of Holmes’ humiliation. In return for their help, he was forced to research Bella, Edward, and Jacob from the Twilight series, and then write a treatise on why Bella should have ended up with Jacob instead of Edward. Plus, he then had to present said findings in the lobby of a Twilight fan convention – likely leading to pandemonium!

In the nineteenth episode of season three, “One Watson, One Holmes,” we were reminded of Holmes Twilight humiliation when he meets the person responsible for said requirement. But this time there was no new humiliation for Holmes, since Everyone needed his help investigating the murder of one of their own.

Stand-Up Comedy at Open Mic Night

Holmes - Elementary

Recently, in the eighth episode of season five, “How the Sausage is Made,” Everyone was back, this time taking as payment for their help Holmes delivering five minutes of observational comedy at Open Mic Night at a local club. Apparently he was booed a lot, but we did not to witness any of it. A man backstage told him he needed to be more relatable, but he had told Watson previously that he planned to stink, so I’m thinking his comedy was bad on purpose. He had to perform, but did it on his own terms!

Once You Eliminate the Impossible, Whatever Remains, No Matter How Improbable, Must Be the Truth

magnifying glass - Elementary

Is there something I missed? While I do have pretty good search skills, this particular topic was challenging to research, and I am fully aware it is possible I missed something. In fact, not finding any instances in season four is highly suspicious! If you know of an example of Holmes’ humiliation that I missed, please vote for this category and then tell me what it is in the comments section below! And, thanks!


Now it is time to vote. Even though we did not see it, I think my favorite is Holmes wearing a prom dress and singing the songs from Frozen. I so wish we had seen that, and would pay good money if it were on a blooper reel somewhere!

What do you think? Please vote below and then please leave your choice and thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to discuss your ideas with you!