‘Blindspot’ (Season 2): Woman Extraordinaire


The stunning return of the second season of Blindspot aired on NBC last night, picking up right where the fall finale left off in the middle of November with Patterson standing face-to-face with Borden as a gun went off.

Fans have been waiting for almost two months to find out who was hit with that bullet and it was….


Oh man, oh man, oh man.

As fans have seen before, Patterson is a woman extraordinaire. She can decipher the insanely layered tattoos that cover nearly all of Jane Doe’s body in record time. She can hack into any system, bypass any system and work a computer like no one else. She can handle her own with a demented serial killer; and in last night’s episode she had to deal with the revelation that the man she believed she was falling in love with was actually a mole for Sandstorm.

Worse yet, he (Dr. Borden that is) allowed the despicable Shepherd to torture Patterson – watching Shepherd pierce Patterson’s eardrums repeatedly with that freaking needle unnerved me beyond measure – and then he was prepared to kill her – albeit “humanely” to his warped way of thinking – before the cavalry literally stormed in to rescue her right before their car was blown into the air and flipped over after hitting a bomb.

God Lord!!

But did any of that trauma stop Patterson? Nope!! She was working on a laptop in her hospital room even with her jaw all banged up from Shepherd whacking her and her ears covered up due to the punctures to her eardrums. In no time at all, she had figured out who Dr. Borden really is and cracked the code of the mole within Sandstorm who has been working for Nas.

Now if only we could learn who that mole is, right?!

For now, Patterson [and the rest of the team for that matter] may be safe from Shepherd and the other members of Sandstorm, but for how long?

Given how things played out with the team saving Patterson just in the nick of time, Shepherd is planning to alter Sandstorm’s plans for their “Phase Two” – whatever that is – [it would be nice if we could get a tangible idea of what they are planning to do!]. I wouldn’t put it passed Shepherd to do everything in her power to either take Patterson again (or any other member of the team) especially now that Borden is no longer their mole.

The big question now is: do they have another mole? After all Roman is in the house – and despite Jane erasing his memory – he is in their “house”. Makes you wonder, right?

As for Patterson, fans will see her heal in body, but it will be whether she can heal in mind because while she is a woman extraordinaire she is still human. Everything that she has experienced is going to come back to haunt her at some point; and how she handles all of that will define her.

What did you think of the return of ‘Blindspot’? Were you on the edge of your seat? What did you think of how Patterson handled herself? What do you see happening next for her? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Blindspot’ will air on NBC on Wednesday, January 11 at 8/7c.