Teen Wolf “Radio Silence” Review (Season 6 Episode 5)

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf, “Radio Silence,” was the season’s strongest episode. We got some leads on Stiles and as a Dylan O’Brien fan, it was nice getting an episode that featured him heavily. The writers sweetened the deal by also giving us the return of one of my favorite characters that I’ve loved to hate since Season 1 of Teen Wolf – Peter Hale.

An Unlikely Duo
The Teen Wolf writers gave us a look at what Stiles has been up to since the Ghost Riders got a hold of him. The Ghost Riders have been taking their vanished victims to some sort of purgatory-like train station. Much to my delight, it is revealed that Peter Hale has also been snatched up by the Ghost Riders. It’s funny that he’s been missing for months in Beacon Hills and no one noticed. Evidently Peter escaped Eichen House when Hayden shut down the transformer and the power went out? And yes, the question mark is meant to indicate that I’m not exactly buying this retcon. Wasn’t there some mention of the cell Peter was in being reinforced by Mountain Ash, which last time I checked, worked perfectly fine (unless you’re Theo) without electricity. Right?

And I guess I can sorta, kinda buy that Peter sashayed right on out of Eichen House without the pack noticing because they were quite busy with the chimeras. It’s still a little hard to buy that none of them checked to be sure he was still there, particularly after electricity outage. Oh well, Teen Wolf is gonna Teen Wolf. I suppose the writers would like us to look past his escape considering Peter did not have long to enjoy his freedom thanks to the Ghost Riders.

That aside, I really enjoyed the Peter/Stiles team up. Unsurprisingly, I was left with lots of questions about the train station. For example, why are the other captives not as aware as Stiles? And if you thought the Teen Wolf timeline was complicated, think about how complicated the sense of time is in the train station. I would think that a person’s sense of how long they’ve been there correlates with how long they have come to their senses and realized what happened. It appeared that Stiles had been at the station for 6 hours, which definitely doesn’t sync up with the passage of time we’ve seen in Beacon Hills.

And how long have the Ghost Riders been snatching people? Also, how many have they taken? I have a lot of questions. I suspect I’ll get answers to the questions that are relevant to the plot. The Peter/Scott/Malia scene answered one of my lingering questions – what happens if you escape and make it back to your former life? It looks like there’s a way to restore the memories of who you are with your loved ones. I wonder if you ever reappear in your old pictures?

Shady Lady
The writers continued to heighten my suspicions about Claudia Stilinski this week. Lydia notices Roscoe (Stiles’s jeep) in the school parking lot. She races over to prevent it from being towed and is joined by Scott. The two know that Roscoe is important, but of course cannot quite put their finger on why.

Lydia tracks down Roscoe’s owner – the shady lady herself – Claudia. It’s clearly no coincidence that each time Lydia gets closer to the truth, she faces a Claudia-related obstacle. The episode continued to reinforce a special connection between Lydia’s banshee abilities and the Ghost Riders.

Next Stop . . . Beacon Hills
At the train station, Peter and Stiles track down a radio, which they hope might come in handy. Spoiler alert, it does. I got a bit of a chuckle at Scott’s sense of smell actually coming through for once. Longtime Teen Wolf fans might recall that, despite his Alpha Wolf status, Scott’s ability to pick up scents has not always been as strong as some of his other lupine cohorts. While in Roscoe, Scott picks up his scent (along with Lydia and Malia’s), which reassures them that the jeep is likely connected to the missing person mystery.

Peter decides to travel through the portal used by the Ghost Riders – after seeing the last person who attempted to do the same get burnt to a crisp. Peter is banking on his supernatural powers to get him through the pain and injury. So here’s where it all gets a bit janky and Teen Wolf goes all Teen Wolf . . .

Stiles doesn’t buy it when Peter says he’s getting as far away from Beacon Hills if he escapes. We then get classic Teen Wolf writing shenanigans, as we see in a flashback that Peter heard Malia get trapped during the Eichen House lock down. And maybe he helped free her and Kira?

I guess?

And Peter’s paternal instincts have kicked in and he cares about Malia?

I guess?

And he’s probably, if we are to follow the writers’ lead, determined to escape because Malia?

I guess?

Moving on . . .

Peter gets through the portal and comes out extra crispy. Malia and Scott eventually remember who he is – the guy that bit Scott, wanted to kill the Argents (for good reason, TBH), paired up with Kate in a ploy to take Scott’s powers (and also kill him), the guy who was willing to fight his own daughter to get the powers from Scott . . . Malia’s dad! Mmmkay. He made it out and with Stiles’s keys to boot! They start up Roscoe, connect with Stiles and something, something love and Stydia.

Stiles tells them to find Canaan and the connection goes out.

Final Thoughts and Observations
– Stiles teaming up with Peter was really fun to watch and reminded me of what I loved so much about Teen Wolf when I first started watching the show way back in Season 1. Admittedly, it was bittersweet as it reminded me how the writers failed to properly leverage the on-screen chemistry between O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin. Scenes between Stiles and Derek – even when Stiles was convinced Derek was the bad guy and maybe tried to get him killed on occasion – were always fun to watch.

– I liked the pacing and development in this episode. Nothing against Liam and company, but I think that the story worked better because the writers did not have to make pit stops to check in on Liam’s group trying to catch a Ghost Rider. I’m sure that the writers will connect what Liam’s group is doing to the larger story, but it was kinda refreshing to simply focus on Stiles and the search for him. I don’t often give a lot of credit to the Teen Wolf writers, but the choice to focus on Peter and Stiles in lieu of checking in with Liam back in Beacon Hills was a great call.

– I understand the writers wanting to keep Peter’s return a bit of a mystery. However, they had a really great scene a few episodes ago where Scott returned to the place where he was bit in the Teen Wolf pilot and recalled that he was not there alone. It would’ve been kinda fun to throw in a line about him knowing he got bit, but now how or by whom as a nod to Peter and what we discovered happened to him.

– So thanks to a bit of googling, it is likely that Peter noticed the stops on the Ghost Riders route were all actual ghost towns.

– Is Peter dead or healing?

– It is MADDENING that the writers came up with this arc after writing Kira off the show. I just . . . sigh.

– And while I’m at it, Peter’s disappearance would have been really fun to explore if Derek were still around. This is one of the few story lines in which the writers could have done lots of great stuff with Kira and Derek, who feel more organic to what’s happening with the Ghost Riders than Liam’s group.

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