Legends of Tomorrow “The Hard Way” Review (Season 2 Episode 8)

Legends of Tomorrow ended the first half of its second season on a fairly muddled note. “The Hard Way” had a lot of good elements going for it, particularly the formal introduction of the Legion of Doom as Malcolm Merlyn joined the team. However, there were perhaps a few too many different story arcs going on for any single narrative to feel prominent and definitive.

On the plus side, this episode had a good bit of fun with the Roaring Twenties setting, allowing for a nice, if brief, appearance by Al Capone and having Sara go undercover as a flapper. Throw in some Tommy gun battles and an – alleged – underground speakeasy, there was enough to give a good since of the era, though it didn’t go as far as some of the show’s better episodes.

Where the episode most succeeded was in really showcasing the Legion of Doom. This is a collection of some of the Arrowverse’s biggest Big Bads, with Merlyn, Darhk, and Thawne all serving as season-long threats on their own in the past. Here, we got to see a better idea of how they’ll work together. Though I was a bit bummed to see this version of Darhk being a pre-magic one, it allows Thawne to be the true leader of the team, allowing Matt Letscher to take a prominent role that he never got to enjoy on The Flash, where Tom Cavanaugh served as Thawne for the majority.

We also got an appearance from future Legion member Leonard Snart, though here it was only as a vision to Mick. Of the various team storylines this week, I don’t know that any of them quite worked that well, but it’s always fun to see Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, so Mick’s was the winner tonight. The next closest was Stein’s, though a lot of his arc felt like replaying beats from the end of the crossover, just in case anyone happened to miss it.

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