‘Supernatural’ (Season 12): What Now?


The long-running series Supernatural aired its mid-season finale last night on The CW. The 12th season of this show started out with the return of long-dead mommy dearest Mary Winchester – what a welcome, albeit unexpected, return that was – and then the show took some unusual turns, focusing on Lucifer and the unfortunate “meat sacks” he inhabited; most notably, the President of the United States [at least in their universe].

Admittedly, Lucifer used to be a much scarier force to be reckoned with than he has been this time around. Am I the only who has felt that while watching the episodes of him cohabitate with aging rock star Vince Vincente, that poor priest or even POTUS? Has Lucifer lost his mojo or have we, as viewers, gotten so accustomed to him that he doesn’t scare us anymore.

Even his possession of that world’s President was anticlimactic; at least to me it was. I wasn’t even really frightened of the fact that he knocked up the President’s girlfriend except in how that coupling affected the celestial world. We saw that effect on Castiel as he carried those coffee cups in the bunker. The angels are none too happy about a Nephilim being created. Will we see this baby born this season? Will that child wreak havoc in quite the way that God’s sister Amara did? Or will he or she be even worse?

Depending on the severity of this child, will its mere existence bring the wrath of the Men of Letters – the British League that is – to the “Colonies?” If so, will the States be visited by more than just Mr. Ketch, who has been on the trail of the Winchester brothers? Will we see a return of the reviled Lady Toni Bevell? Or will there be a reappearance by Mick Davies?

Then there is that whole issue of Sam and Dean being arrested by the Secret Service for trying to kill the President of the United States. Sure, they were saving him from Lucifer, but do you really think that reason is going garner them freedom. Nope, they’ll be branded crazy if they even mention that! How they will get out of whatever prison they are put in – given the clips for the next new episode – is anyone’s guess. I don’t think even Castiel will be able to pull either of the brothers out of that secured facility.

I also have to wonder given their dire straits will Mama Winchester come back to the fold, helping Castiel to figure out a way to save her boys? I can’t imagine that she would be able to stay away. But it’s still the matter of how in the world they can be saved? It’s not like when Castiel reached down into the depths of Hell to pull Dean out? Although if Cain was able to slip into a maximum security prison to retrieve one of his descendants [that episode aired last February, by the way], there just might be a chance that Castiel, as the newly formed Angel that he is, could find a way to retrieve Sam and Dean.

How do you think the brothers Winchester will be rescued from this latest imprisonment? Do you think it will take supernatural powers or something a bit more of this world to get them out? Please share your thoughts below and mark your calendars, as ‘Supernatural’ will return with new episodes of its 12th season on The CW on Thursday, January 26 at its new time 8/7c.