Teen Wolf “Relics” Review (Season 6 Episode 4)

In this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, we got the long overdue introduction of Melissa McCall into the central action. Up until now, Melissa’s involvement has been mostly relegated to the hospital and House McCall. That being said, her contributions at both locations have been pretty significant. We’ve also seen her working primarily with the teens or with Sheriff Stilinski. I have long wanted more shared screen time for Melissa and Chris Argent since the two were kidnapped by the Darach. I am both surprised by and excited for Melissa and Chris working together to hunt down the Nazi werewolf. Still can’t believe that is actually a thing on Teen Wolf.

Speaking of the Nazi werewolf – what is up with the whole feasting on brains thing? Anyway, Melissa Ponzio and JR Bourne have great chemistry together, so I hope that we get regular check-ins with the two for the remainder of the season. Melissa teaming up with the Sheriff felt more organic because he would often find himself at the hospital as part of his investigations. I hope the writers use this pairing to give both Ponzio and Bourne some fun things to do as the series concludes. Disclaimer – I might still question and/or laugh about how Melissa finds time to juggle her job where it often feels like she works 24/7, motherhood, sleep and whatever her new ventures with Argent bring her way.

On the topic of moms, I’m still not a fan of Claudia Stilinski. Not a fan may be overstating it. Just don’t trust the lady and the writers heightened those suspicions in this week’s episode, as she was determined to thwart Lydia’s efforts to figure out exactly what is a Stiles.

Overall Thoughts and Observations
Relics was my favorite episode so far, particularly because of the Chris/Melissa subplot. However, I did find myself really missing Kira when it was revealed that the Ghost Riders traveled by lightning. Could a kitsune come in handy with these lightening travelers? That aside, Parrish being invulnerable to the Ghost Rider’s bullets and going into hellhound mode was pretty entertaining. I don’t think a single hellhound is going to be enough to keep the threat of the Ghost Riders at bay.

The number of characters, especially the main characters, who have not seen the Ghost Riders is rapidly dwindling. Scott, Malia and Chris have now seen them. Liam’s friends have seen them all as well. Shouldn’t this mean that they are all on borrowed time before they vanish? Unless the characters are all going to exist in some alternate universe, I suspect that we will very soon find some plot-driven reason that has allowed so many people to see the Ghost Riders now without consequence. We really need some ground rules for this new faction of supernaturals.

I really want a Chris and Melissa spinoff or a web series. Something. Anything.

I was glad to hear Chris mention Kate while talking to Malia. The writers haven’t forgotten Kate, so hopefully that means that getting some semblance of closure is a priority for them.

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