POLL: Which Flashpoint Change has the Biggest Impact?

Caitlin, John, Lyla, Sara, Wally, Dante, Julian - The Flash

Please be aware that this article contains a discussion of the entire first half of season three of The Flash, so if you have not seen all the episodes and are spoiler adverse, you might want to bookmark it and come back after viewing them!

The first half of season three of The Flash has contained the undercurrent of dealing with the changes Barry caused by creating the alternate timeline called Flashpoint. When he saved his mother from The Reverse Flash and captured him, Barry got what he wanted – a complete traditional family. What he did not count on were the other changes that timeline alteration created. By the time Barry realized that he needed to set things back to the way they were, he discovered another hard truth – that was not possible. Every change to the timeline results in unintended consequences.

Let’s briefly review the changes before taking a vote!

Caitlin’s Powers

Caitlin Snow - The Flash

In the second season, Caitlin met her doppelganger from Earth-2, aka, Killer Frost. Ever since that encounter, Caitlin has been fearful of becoming like her, since Killer Frost is a stone cold (pardon the pun) killer.

Her worst fears have now come true, as she has developed not only the powers of Killer Frost, but also her instinct for mayhem. Despite the fact Barry was able to help Caitlin regain control over her Killer Frost persona, it is clear the potential for reversion exists and poses a real danger to the team.

Cisco’s Brother

Dante Ramon - The Flash

Dante Ramon was Cisco’s older brother. The fact that his parents doted on his older brother and ignored his flaws led to Cisco becoming estranged from his family. However, as adults the two were able to reconnect and repair their relationship.

When Barry changed the timeline however, one of the consequences was that Dante was killed by a drunk driver. The revelation of this change by Killer Frost caused a rift between Barry and Cisco which lasted for several episodes. In addition, as we saw in the mid-season finale, Cisco is vulnerable to Savitar’s use of the memory of Dante against Cisco. But, in all fairness, every member of teacm Flash has lost someone, so maybe this is not a huge advantage!

Dig’s Child

John, Lyla and Sara Diggle - Arrow

John Diggle is a character on Arrow, but because of the fact The Flash and Arrow share the same universe, there are repercussions that reverberate across both programs. Before Flashpoint, John and Lyla had a daughter, Sara. But, as we find out in season five of Arrow, John and Lyla now have a son, John Jr.

The revelation to John of what caused this, and in fact that it even happened, occurs during the huge crossover event that was the penultimate episode for the first half of season five of Arrow, and shocks everyone.

Wally’s Powers

kid flash The Flash Season 3

Wally is Joe West’s son. Joe was unaware of his existence, however, because his wife was in the early stages of her pregnancy when she left Joe and Iris. Years later, when she was ill and sought reconciliation, Wally was introduced to his father and sister.

Wally enjoys racing cars and living dangerously. In the alternate universe Flashpoint, he has gained powers and assumed the persona of The Flash. After Barry mostly reverses the timeline change, Wally no longer has his powers. Through the intervention of Dr. Alchemy, Wally does become a speedster, but no one wants to train him, thinking it will keep him safe. But, with encouragement for Wally from HR, and some wise words to Joe, everyone finally embraces Wally becoming Kid Flash.

Julian Albert, aka Dr. Alchemy

Julian Albert - The Flash

When Barry returned from trying to undo the Flashpoint timeline, he discovered that there was a new addition to the Central City police force. Julian Albert, a crime scene investigator specializing in meta-humans, now shares the lab with Barry. And to say their relationship is prickly does not really do it justice.

But the really explosive secret is the fact that Julian is Dr. Alchemy. Alchemy is a servant of Savitar, an evil speedster, and is doing his bidding by transforming people that had powers in the Flashpoint timeline but not in the current altered timeline. The purpose of this action is to build an army of worshipers for Savitar.

Something Else

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Did I miss something? Is there another change that slipped my mind? If so, then vote for this category and be sure to tell me what I missed in the comments section below!


So, which modification do you think has had the biggest impact? I think Caitlin turning into Killer Frost is the most dangerous change, and for me, that makes it the looming threat. The potential remains for Killer Frost to assume control of Caitlin and the possibility for resulting mayhem and death is very real.

Now it is your turn to vote. After you place your vote, please tell me about your choice and why you made it in the comments section below. I look forward to reading what you have to say!