Legends of Tomorrow “Invasion!” Review (Season 2 Episode 7)

Following a fantastic opening on The Flash and a celebratory 100th episode of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow concluded the “Invasion!” event with another fantastic entry, one that continued to explore the joy of seeing all of the Arrowverse characters together while also bringing the alien threat to a satisfying conclusion.

Whereas last night’s Arrow focused more on that show’s core cast of characters, tonight’s Legends returned to Tuesday night’s broader focus, giving us a number of great beats between characters that don’t normally get the chance to interact. From Cisco and Felicity’s amazement at seeing the Waverider to Kara finally cracking through Ollie’s shell and forming a real connection, this was another fun episode in what’s been a great week of superhero television. The highlight, of course, was the meta moment of Ray – Brandon Routh, who played the Man of Steel himself in Superman Returns – noting that Kara looked kind of like his cousin.

This episode also brought a couple of show-specific plot threads that have run throughout the crossover to a close, mainly Cisco’s anger at Barry and Stein grappling with the realization he has a daughter. The former was perhaps cleared up a bit easily, but I think this week did a great job of finally raking Barry over the coals for his decision to create Flashpoint; I’m fine with that guilt finally being put to rest. As for Stein’s daughter, though it’ll inevitably lead to friction with the team, I’m glad that he’s letting Lily stick around, as she makes for a delightful presence.

In the end, of course, it all comes down to a superhero battle against extraterrestrials, and it’s every bit the thrilling smackdown one could hope for. This episode is really the first time we get to see the Dominators in full light, and they actually hold up well. This carries into the final fight scene, with the creatures appearing convincingly present in the battle. More importantly, representatives of every show get a moment to shine, from Firestorm disabling the Dominator weapon, to Green Arrow leading the charge, to Supergirl zipping about tagging Dominators with disabling devices.

Overall, Invasion! was a stellar three-night event, one that truly showcased how much the Arrowverse has grown. With the promise of even more events like this one in the future, I’m as excited as can be for this wonderfully realized CW DC universe to continue for years to come.

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