Teen Wolf “Sundowning” Review (Season 6 Episode 3)

The great “What is a Stiles?” mystery continued this week on Teen Wolf.

We were introduced to yet another member of this Stilinski family – Stiles’s grandfather Elias. As Sheriff Stilinski warned the group, Elias was not the kind of guy you just talk to. Elias turned out to be quite the surly one and was not a big fan of Malia. The trip looked like it would be a bust until awful Elias told the Sheriff to go back to his dead wife and loser son. Rude.

So Claudia is totally working with the Ghost Riders, right?

While Team Scott spent time visiting with Elias, Team Liam was tasked with protecting a classmate whose sister vanished thanks to the Ghost Riders. They decided to keep their classmate safe by throwing a huge party encircled by mountain ash. You know, this is not the worst plan I’ve seen in 6 seasons of Teen Wolf. One of the Ghost Riders made it into the party and then we witnessed what was one of the most ill-conceived plans I’ve seen on the show – Corey tries to be helpful by making the Ghost Rider visible to EVERYONE at the party – thus making them all vulnerable to being snatched from existence. Oh, Corey.

Overall, this episode entertained in a Teen Wolf kinda way. I’m not clamoring to watch it again, but I definitely found aspects of it enjoying. The show is always good for an unintentional moment of humor – like Corey totally exposing the party goers to the Ghost Riders. I’m always a fan of JR Bourne on my screen, so getting reacquainted with Chris Argent was great. It was not a huge shocker that the new teacher, who spends valuable instruction time drawing cats on the board, has a deep dark supernatural secret. Of course he does.

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