‘Teen Wolf’ (Season 6): Riders on the Storm


Teen Wolf is three episodes into its sixth and final season, finding Scott, Lydia, Malia, Liam and the rest of the “team” battling perhaps their most difficult foe: The Ghost Riders.

Much like the legendary song “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors, the Ghost Riders ride into the town of Beacon Hills as part of the Wild Hunt Mythology – that was actually introduced last season. And while they may not ride in during a horrible storm, they certainly wreak havoc like a storm.

In this instance, the Ghost Riders pass through the town, and if you see them, they will take you and make you part of the hunt. In their wake, they remove the memories of all those who knew the victim, essentially erasing that person from existence.

While the Ghost Riders may not be the bloodiest villain for which Scott and the rest of the Beacon Hills teens have had to face over the course of the show’s history, they certainly are the direst.

Case in point: The Ghost Riders took Stiles. He is not only Scott’s best friend but also the son of the town sheriff. Except now that he has been taken, no one remembers him. Not even his closest friend, Scott, or former girlfriend, Malia. Not even Lydia remembered him – that is until she was basically put under a trance (of sorts) by Dr. Deaton. During her trance-like state she wrote the word Stiles over and over again until it spelled out that name. From there Scott and the “team” have been trying to figure out what that word means.

As viewers of the show, it has been hard to watch them all struggle in trying to remember someone who has been such a crucial part of their lives. Someone who played such an important role in fighting all the villains that have come to Beacon Hills for very specific purposes. The one thing that has yet to be explained, in fact. Why are the Ghost Riders in Beacon Hills?

Worse yet, what is the deal with Mr. Douglas? From what has been written about this character so far the hot new Beacon Hills High School teacher is an Alpha Nazi werewolf, which was briefly focused on during last season’s finale. Viewers may have to go back to that finale episode to see for themselves, but a tank in the HQ of The Dread Doctors was broken and there were footprints leading away: that was the Alpha Nazi werewolf. Does his escape from the tank have any connection to the Ghost Riders? Or is it just an unfortunate coincidence that both these villains have descended on Beacon Hills?

What do you think? Do you think Scott and the rest of the “team” will figure out about Stiles (and the other victims of the Ghost Riders), finding a way to get him and all the other missing people back? What does Mr. Douglas want with the pineal glands that he has been ripping out of the brains (and consuming, yuck!) of his victims? Please share your thoughts on this season of the show so far in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the sixth and final season of ‘Teen Wolf’ will air on MTV on Tuesday, December 6 at 9/8c.