Supergirl “Medusa” Review (Season 2 Episode 8)

I don’t know if there are any more episodes of Supergirl to be scheduled before the end of the year, but “Medusa” certainly serves as a fantastic midseason finale if not. It brought almost every plot thread to a satisfying end or stopping point, while also setting up new stories to be explored when the show returns. Heck, if I didn’t know the interdimensional hijinks are continuing across all the other Arrowverse shows this week, the Flash’s appearance at the end would be one heck of a season finale cliffhanger.

As it has all season, the show finds its greatest success by focusing on the characters. Even as a Cadmus plot threatens all life on Earth, the focus remains on what it means for our heroes, from Mon-El’s infection to J’onn risking exposure in order to stand by Supergirl and fight Cyborg Superman. This leads to a number of strong smaller scenes, whether it’s Alex’s mother joyfully accepting her coming out or Kara and Mon-El playing a board game while he’s in containment.

This character focus also helps because, well, Cadmus never really congealed into a solid threat. The Lillian Luthor reveal, as well as the arrival of the original Hank Henshaw, only just happened in the past episode, so it’s hard to be as invested in seeing them taken down. That said, the fight between a mutating J’onn and Henshaw makes for a fun chance for David Harewood to play off of himself. Also, seeing Lena cut ties with her mother is satisfying, and it continues to paint her as a trustworthy ally for Supergirl.

I’m curious to see if this really is the end for Cadmus or not. Cyborg Superman is still in the wind, but Lillian’s arrest cuts off the organizations head. Plus, there’s some sort of alien race seeking out Mon-El, so that seems likely to take up a lot of screen time when the show returns. We also get Mon-El and Kara sharing a kiss that he claims to have forgotten, but seeing how quickly the show has gotten Alex and Maggie together, I’m confident this storyline won’t drag on too long.

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