Jane the Virgin “Chapter Fifty-One” Review (Season 3, Episode 7) [Mid-Season Finale]

Chapter Fifty-One

The mid-season finale of Jane the Virgin aired last night and it was filled with Hitchcock references as Jane was trying to take recommendations from her reading group to heart. They suggested she add more mystery to her writing so she binged films by the renowned director. Oddly enough, Michael had been trying to get her to watch the man’s films for years; but she wouldn’t until her reading group pushed her to it. Good on Michael that he didn’t give her too much grief over that.

The Hitchcock lovefest played out two-fold.

One part was with Jane as she tried to suss out whether to trust her cousin Catalina, who was overstaying her welcome. As viewers now know, Jane can’t trust her, but more on that shortly.

The second part was with Rafael who began to have memories of a childhood moment with his mother, who was recently killed in prison. Kudos to the writers of this episode for the clever use of Hitchcock’s film style. It certainly was entertaining to watch.

Let’s briefly examine what happened with Rafael, shall we?

Begrudgingly Rafael consented to Jane taking Mateo to church even though he thought their son was too young and that he didn’t want Mateo to become too “churchy.” After Mateo made too much noise during the sermon, Rafael took their little boy outside. That was when the first memory flickered across his mind. That was followed by other fleeting memories of a mysterious visit to what was first mistaken to be a church but turned out to be a convent by a very young Rafael and his mother Elena (before her days as the international criminal known as Mutter).

Why were they there?

Well, it turned out that Rafael’s father was dealing in stolen art and one of the young novitiates (who in the present was actually the Mother Superior) was helping him. As it turned out she was being a bit of Robin Hood in a habit: robbing from the rich to give to the orphans. An altruistic act, maybe; but it landed the poor young nun in trouble (so to speak) with Rafael’s mom. His mother used that tidbit of information against the novice, making her help in a far greater crime: basically bringing Rafael to Elena after the loss of her son…that’s right Rafael isn’t the biological son of “Mutter” – he isn’t a Solano – and his whole life is one big fabrication.

How is that stunning reveal going to play out over the rest of the season? What kind of ramifications will this have on Rafael’s life, his relationship with Jane and their son Mateo? How do you think it will change him?

Oh, and let’s not forget that Catalina has been lying to Jane about her whole life, but just how devious is Jane’s newly-discovered cousin? Is she relatively harmless or something far more deceptive?

What about Jane’s mom Xo and her rekindled romance with old flame Bruce? Xo admitted to Jane that she knew he was married when they were first involved; and she lied to her daughter about knowing the truth? That’s assuredly going to put drive a wedge between them, don’t you think?

Lastly, how about that unusual match-up between Rogelio and his matchmaker Darci Factor where she offers to be his baby momma. How do you feel about that crazy arrangement? Do you think that Jane – not to mention Xo and Abuela – will be accepting?

We will have to wait until January 23 to find out when the third season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ returns to The CW for the rest of its season at 9/8c.