Poldark “Episode Nine” Review (Season 2, Episode 9) [Season Finale]

Poldark S2 Episode 9

Throughout the second season of the much-buzzed about series Poldark, based on the acclaimed books by Winston Graham, the main characters have gone through many trials and tribulations. None more so that lead character Ross Poldark.

He was been put on trial for several crimes and then he faced a trial with his own wife Demelza after a reckless night of abandon with his first love Elizabeth. As last night’s season finale played out, Demelza was close to leaving Ross for good and taking their young Jeremy with her.

While the couple seemed to reconcile at the end of the episode thanks to Ross finally stepping up, admitting what he did was wrong and basically telling his wife that she is the real love of his life, it remains to be seen if Demelza has fully forgiven him for his transgression.

I admire Demelza for her strength in dealing with all of this, even for giving her husband a black eye after his night of debauchery with Elizabeth. He probably deserved far more than that. But it was her resolve in the season finale to face down Elizabeth, giving that woman a piece of her mind, sharing with her cousin-in-law Verity that Ross had wronged her without going into specifics and then coming almost full circle to accepting his apology.

Much of the episode was also focused on the ever-simmering feud between George Warleggan and Ross Poldark that grew to encompass many of the townsfolk, who marched onto the Trenwith property – which was recently gated off by Warleggan’s henchmen and protected by them with needless gunfire – to exact revenge against George.

Once again, it was a credit to Demelza for going to Elizabeth and George to warn them about the torch-bearing mob that was soon to ascend on their home; and she was the reason that Ross arrived to break up the stand-off.

Elsewhere, Dr. Dwight Enys made the decision to enlist in the Navy as a surgeon upon learning that lost love Caroline Penvenen was soon to marry. But when Ross paid a visit to the wealthy young woman – to thank her for the much-needed financial assistance she provided to his family (kept quiet until Ross pushed the issue with his solicitor) – he learned that she had no intentions of marrying her latest suitor. Thankfully, Ross was able to bring the star-crossed lovers back together on the eve of Dwight’s departure for the war in the colonies.

Admittedly, it was about time that the two lovebirds were brought together, as it was obvious that neither of them were able to move on from the other. They simply belonged together even if they will now be separated by an ocean.

The big questions remaining from the season finale are did Dwight and Caroline consummate their less than legal “marriage” – a simple string on her finger and a vow between the two of them does not a wedding make – and who is the father of the baby that Elizabeth is expecting: Ross, from their one-night affair, or her current husband George Warleggan?

Did you watch the entire second season of ‘Poldark?’ What are your thoughts on all the happenings this season? Did you have a favorite moment or scene? Please share your comments below.

A third season of ‘Poldark’ has yet to be announced.