The Flash “Killer Frost” Review (Season 3 Episode 7)

The main feeling I was left with at the end of this week’s episode of The Flash can basically be summed up thusly: was that really it? “Killer Frost” did a good job of exploring Caitlin Snow’s dark side, giving us plenty of gut punch moments along the way, but the concluding few minutes felt like a general shrug of moving the necessary pieces around without much excitement.

Honestly, the same can be said for the opening few minutes, which picked up on the Savitar cliffhanger from last week. Conceptually, I like the idea of Savitar, a next-level speedster who seems to have a greater control and mastery of the Speed Force than any enemy yet. But while it’s too early to tell how great a threat he’ll be – getting punked out by ice and vibrations so easily doesn’t speak well to that – his general look is just a bit too Michael Bay Transformers, and his shininess makes it impossible to forget you’re looking at a CG creation.

Still, Savitar’s appearance does lead to Caitlin finally pushing her powers too far, leading to her inner Killer Frost emerging. What follows is a tense hour, with the rest of the team doing their best to track down their addled friend before she’s too far gone. Of course, the greatest threat is often the person who knows you best, and that manifests when Caitlin vengefully informs Cisco that his brother was still alive before Barry created Flashpoint.

It’s hard to see a character who’s often been the show’s most optimistic characters turned to such a dark path, but it works to keep the episode intense. We don’t know how things are going to go for Caitlin, and the possibility is there for the show to actually turn her into a villain. Fortunately, Barry is able to get through to her by the end, though I’m left wondering… is that it? The ending seems to suggest that Caitlin is just done being a threat, without even a mention that Killer Frost could reemerge. I have to hope that the show isn’t done with this thread quite yet, as it would be fairly anti-climactic for a story that’s been building all season.

Similarly, the reveal that Julian is Alchemy, or at least appears to be, isn’t the most surprising. He’s the show’s biggest new character this season, and his obsession with metas has long suggested there was a path to a larger storyline for him; this is the show where pretty much everyone ends up with superpowers after all. Still, his getting Barry fired does open the door for new possibilities for our hero. Lord knows he needs some sort of jolt.

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