Teen Wolf “Superposition” Review (Season 6 Episode 2)

Like the premiere, this week’s episode of Teen Wolf started off with more of the dark, creepy nighttime scenes that the show is pretty good at handling. Liam and Scott practiced lacrosse while Corey and Mason played the role of teenagers in a questionably dangerous situation. The couple was hanging out at school at 9 o’clock at night doing extra credit experiments to give Corey a much-needed boost to his GPA. Surely this extra credit work could have been done earlier! In addition to not being a very fun use of time, the two should know that it is not safe to hang around in that death trap of a school! The upshot is that we got some funny moments with Coach Finstock. Orny Adams is always a welcome addition to any episode.

Questionable decisions aside, we learn that Corey can see the ghost riders when he is in chameleon mode – as can anyone he takes into chameleon mode with him. The ghost riders enter the school and Corey texts Mason and tells him not to move because they’re there. I know that it was not intended to be funny, but I cackled when the very next thing Mason did after reading the “don’t move” text was to move. The two meet up and watch the ghost riders take one of their classmates away. Of course, no one remembers it.

As the episode progresses, Stiles’s absence is felt as the characters proceed through their daily tasks. Lydia waits by Stiles’s locker in the morning, Malia highlights the word “styles” in a “special” color and Scott is drawn to locker 1075.

Lydia sees a mysterious doctor in the classroom and later in the hallway. When she sees the doctor in the hallway, she starts running and eventually finds herself back on the night of Stiles’s disappearance. She can hear Stiles, but cannot see him.

Meanwhile, Corey and Mason cannot shake the nagging feeling that they saw the ghost riders do something that they can no longer recall. In the course of their investigation we learn that Liam is not so open to Corey being part of the group. Liam takes issue with Corey not helping the group fight the Beast and he does not understand why Corey and the other chimeras were loyal to Theo for so long. I’m not exactly sure what Corey would have been able to do against the Beast without any fangs or claws, other than get killed. That aside, I appreciated the writers acknowledging tension that would understandably still exist after last season. Liam and Corey ultimately work their differences out and manage to figure out that the ghost riders erased Jake Sullivan.

The highlight of the episode for me was the appearance of Seth Gilliam as Dr. Deaton. Deaton does a bit of exposition work, as he reveals that the Wild Hunt is drawn to war and mayhem. He was not aware of it erasing memories. He likens what Scott is experiencing to phantom limb syndrome and suggests that Scott go to sleep. Scott takes Deaton’s advice and wakes up in the Beacon Hills Preserve, which was where he was bitten by Peter Hale way back in Season 1. Scott surmises that he had a best friend who was out in the woods the night he was searching for the dead body. Malia recalls that someone helped chain her up and stay human during the full moon. Lydia shares that she came to school expecting to meet someone and they all conclude that they are missing the same person. Scott guesses that the person was in that “candid” photo that they took in the season premiere that wasn’t really a candid photo.

The trio go to Dr. Deaton, who uses some sort of automatic writing technique to get Lydia to tap into what her subconscious is trying to tell her. After some unintentionally funny fast writing, Lydia stops and it is revealed that she’s written the word mischief repeatedly. Upon a closer look, Scott realizes that the words are written in a pattern to spell out Stiles and we got a great callback, as Lydia asks “what the hell is a Stiles?”

Overall Thoughts And Observations
I will need a few more episodes in order to decide how I feel about the direction of this season. However, as I mentioned in last week’s review, the Teen Wolf writers are doing two really smart things this season – (1) serving up the creepy nighttime and (2) incorporating just the right amount of nostalgia from earlier seasons. As to the latter, the writers will need to tread carefully and try to avoid falling into some of their typical pitfalls, such as retconning the canon developed on the show.

I also like that the writers are focusing on Liam as the successor to Scott as the leader of the pack. Although this is the final season of Teen Wolf, the show should leave viewers with a sense of what life will be like in Beacon Hills once Scott and his friends graduate.

I’m not sure how I feel about the sudden, unexplained return of Claudia Stilinski. I don’t really follow why Stiles being erased would somehow change her fate, but there’s no way this is not going to end in heartbreak for the Stilinskis.

Also, the dead guy stealing helium is totally connected to Theo, right?

Until Next Moon Day!
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