‘Supergirl’ (Season 2): Taking Risks

The Guardian

Last week on Supergirl viewers saw Kara’s sister Alex take a risk by coming out to her adopted sibling, admitting not only to herself but also to the one person she loves the most in all the world (or more precisely the universe given Kara’s origins) about her sexuality.

Viewers have also seen James take a risk by becoming the new vigilante The Guardian and even Winn helping him in that endeavor. And during last night’s episode we saw the long-presumed-dead Jeremiah (who is clearly very much alive albeit the prisoner of Cadmus) take a risk by helping his adopted daughter Kara and fellow alien Mon-El escape from that ruthless fringe group led by Lillian Luthor.

This season of ‘Supergirl’ seems to be all about taking a risk: good, bad or otherwise. The good is Alex being true to who she really is and the bad is James putting himself in jeopardy, albeit for altruistic, even honorable or heroic, reasons.

Kara was even taking a risk by allowing Cadmus to temporarily drain her power – which allowed them to take her blood for less-than-altruistic reasons – in order to save Mon-El from further harm by the mother of all evil (yep, that would be Lillian Luthor yet again).

What is disconcerting from all of these risks is that Kara will continue to put herself on the line to save the people she cares about most in her life – not to mention the people of Earth – and that James, well, it would seem that he is not going to give up his vigilante stance because he, too, wants to help save people. This is a noble path, to say the least, but given that he doesn’t have powers like Kara, he has more to lose.

Even M’gann (the believed-to-be last daughter of Mars) has taken a risk by hiding who she truly is from J’onn – although we learned her truth in last night’s episode. A dangerous truth, in fact, that is going to impact J’onn horribly. As we know from last week, J’onn needed a blood transfusion from M’gann (when we thought they were both green Martians), but it was revealed incrementally that something was wrong with J’onn; and what was wrong? M’gann was actually revealed to be a white Martian (the enemy that wiped out J’onn’s family and all of his race except for him); and because of that blood transfusion J’onn will turn into a white Martian.

Dun, dun, dun…

Given the world that Supergirl, her family and friends live in, there are always going to be risks: risks with their hearts, their minds and their bodies. But it will be how far each of them can go with those risks that will be most telling. Can James and Winn keep their secret especially now that Alex learned the truth? Will Kara and Alex be able to find Cadmus and be able to help Jeremiah escape? What will happen now that the real Hank Henshaw (who has been turned into Cyborg Superman) has infiltrated Superman’s fortress – by using Supergirl’s blood?

What do you see happening next in the DC Universe? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Supergirl’ will air on The CW on Monday, November 28 at 8/7c. This episode is the first part of the much-buzzed about four-night crossover event between the network’s four DC series: Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.