The Walking Dead “Go Getters” Review (Season 7 Episode 5)

The Walking Dead returned this week with Go Getters and we finally checked in with Maggie and Sasha after the devastating events of the season premiere. We also caught up with Jesus, who has not been on the show since episode 12 of season 6, Not Tomorrow Yet.

In Alexandria, Rick and Aaron prepared to go on a scavenging trip to find “something interesting,” per Negan’s directive last week. Carl declines Rick’s invitation to join them and makes it clear that he is still not on board with acquiescing to Negan’s demands.

Michonne also hangs back and Rick gives her a radio – just in case she decides to join them. Although still very clearly conflicted about life under Negan’s rule, Michonne gives Rick a very reassuring kiss. I couldn’t help but giggle at the radio and how well that worked out for poor Morgan.

Carl then tries to rally Michonne to his side. He sees her conflict over the situation. Michonne heads out on her own yet to be revealed mission and tells Carl to be nice to Olivia. Indeed, Olivia did have a really bad day courtesy of Negan.

Wanting to check in on Maggie, Enid decided to venture out to Hilltop on her own. Carl told Rick that he was staying behind because someone needed to stay back and protect Judith. That was clearly just an excuse, as he was totally fine leaving his sister behind in someone else’s care when he decided to go after Enid.

This episode had its fair share of “this makes no sense” moments. I enjoyed the episode and I’m generally willing to look past plot driven actions by the characters that don’t quite add up, but this episode had quite a few – even by The Walking Dead standards. Several of these moments stemmed from the Carl/Enid subplot:

– Isn’t it just a little too convenient that Carl and Enid managed to find not one, but two pairs of roller skates that fit them well enough to skate all the way to Hilltop?

– I understand that The Walking Dead plays fast and loose with timing, but it did not seem as though it took Carl and Enid half a day to get to Hilltop. As viewers may recall, Jesus told Team Family that the Hilltop was about a half a day away and that was with them driving a RV. I assume that the two either traveled through the night or took an off-screen break. We didn’t necessarily need to see that, but it was not clear to me if the events in Alexandria and those at the Hilltop took place simultaneously.

– In light of the zombie threat and human threat, particularly the creepy Savior who was wholly inappropriate with Enid last week, is it really a good idea to go off on a venture by yourself or with your teenage boyfriend? This seems like a particularly bad idea after having all of the guns confiscated.

The Hilltop
Over at the Hilltop, Maggie learns that she suffered from a torn placenta and that the wee baby Rhee is safe. Although I never doubted that Maggie was alive and that the baby was okay, I appreciated the writers addressing both issues right away. Hopefully this means they learned a bit after the fallout of dumpster gate last year.

After receiving the good news about her baby, Maggie finds Sasha anxiously waiting outside the trailer for her. Unsurprisingly, she immediately asks where “he” is and where “they” are. Sasha leads Maggie over to the two graves she dug for Glenn and Abraham. This confirmed for me that Father Gabriel dug THREE empty graves last week and no one thought to drop a single gun or valuable in any of them. Ugh.

It’s clear that Jesus has been a source of support for Sasha while Maggie rested. Gregory, on the other hand, is having NONE of it. He chastises Sasha for digging graves for Glenn and Abraham – because it went against Hilltop practices and he did not even know that Sasha was not an Alexandria resident. He makes it clear that the two are not welcome to stay at the Hilltop and even suggests that Jesus can leave the community if he feels so strongly about advocating for Maggie and Sasha.

After the murder of their fellow survivors at the outpost that worked with the Hilltop, the Saviors decided it was time to remind the Hilltop that the “give me half of your sh**” deal still remained. The first reminder was a fire set at the Hilltop, which along with the loud music, was aimed at attracting walkers and making for a difficult night for the Hilltop residents. Luckily for the Hilltop, Maggie and Sasha are bad asses and, along with Jesus, made for a really fun, fierce zombie killing trio.

The next day, Simon arrives and trolls the crap out of Gregory while the Saviors take half of the Hilltop’s supplies. Unsurprisingly, Gregory attempts to give up Sasha and Maggie in order to gain a little favor. Thankfully, Jesus anticipated Gregory’s betrayal and Gregory’s cowardice cost him his finest liquor. After some encouragement and pushing from Sasha, Jesus was ready to confront Gregory and let him know that his days as the sole leader of the Hilltop were over. For now, the group will be one big happy, dysfunctional family.

At the request of Sasha, Jesus sneaks onto the back of the truck heading back to the Sanctuary in order to find out where Negan lives. He gets a surprise companion, as Carl decides to hop a ride with the hopes of taken the long-winded, bat-wielding leader of the Saviors down. I’m excited to see what happens next. This was a nice twist on events from the comics.

The events at the Hilltop were pretty entertaining, but I thought it was curious that no one was aware or remembered that Negan wanted Gregory dead. Although I understand that all of the individuals who were charged with killing Gregory are dead, shouldn’t Negan remember that he instructed them to bring him Gregory’s head?

Final Thoughts and Observations
Overall, I liked the episode. I really like Maggie, Sasha and Jesus, so it was great to see them back on the show and working together. In particular, I love that the writers are building on the bond that Sasha and Maggie began building when they traveled together to find Glenn at Terminus and helped each other mourn the loss of their siblings (and Bob).

As hard as it was to lose Glenn, I love that the writers are allowing Maggie to emerge as a leader and giving her more to do. Likewise, it’s nice to see that the writers have put Sasha in a position where she can get some long overdue screen time. On a show where characters like Rick, Daryl and Michonne loom large, it’s nice to see the writers giving some time to characters who have been grossly underused.

I also really like Steven Ogg’s portrayal of Simon. I find him to be a much more tolerable middle ground between Negan’s monologues and Dwight’s overall awfulness.

Also – how amazing was it to hear Maggie declare that she was Maggie Rhee and for her to give Gregory a well-deserved punch to the face? I also enjoyed that last shot of Sasha sharpening her knife while smoking Abraham’s cigar. I’m all here for a resistance that starts from the bottom up, as opposed to one that is driven by Rick.

Until Next Week!
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