The Librarians “And the Rise of Chaos” Review (Season 3, Episode 1) [Season Premiere]

The Team

The title alone of last night’s season premiere of The Librarians should evoke worry or, more to the point, fear. The Rise of Chaos could bring about many different unsettling situations.

The one laid before us through this episode was the unearthing of a century’s old sarcophagus that contained the entombed remains of Apep, the God of Chaos. A sarcophagus that was not-so-inadvertently opened by Barry, a retired Navy man on vacation in Egypt with his wife, who became exceedingly bored with their tour. When he heard a different voice than the one in the tour’s headphones, he wandered off course, discovered the sarcophagus, which he naturally opened, and which, in turn, allowed the spirit of Apep to possess his body.

Not a good thing for the world at all!

On the other side of the world, the Librarians were retrieving a runestone tablet from a band of Druids, the fifth in a successful succession of “missions” for the team. But, with that success came worry by Eve Baird, the Librarians ever-cautious guardian. And for good reason, when the clipping book burst into flames that was a clear indication that things were going to go from good to bad pretty quickly.

That is exactly what happened!

After an unsettling incident at the Science Museum of Boston where the custodian was somewhat attacked by the museum’s mannequins, which came to life, and then later when comatose patients at Boston General – where Flynn and Eve questioned said custodian about what happened to him – it was clear that something very dark – or should we say evil – was at hand.

Apep was in human form – albeit it a 50-something retired navy man – and was intent on plunging the world into darkness and it was up to our intrepid team of Librarians to stop him. It was literally pure evil against pure good. Apep, however, had his power of chaos to upset the balance, making people argue and fight with one look; but he didn’t count on the ingenuity of Flynn Carsen. Flynn knew the only way to defeat Apep was for the team to be in harmony; and that harmony led to a very unusual battle of wills with the team singing part of the “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” to combat Apep’s power, allowing them to stop him from opening the ultimate portal to evil.

However, while they got the better of Apep – for now – they have another enemy on their hands: DOSA, the Department of Statistical Anomalies. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? And they are led by none other than Vanessa Williams. With the combination of DOSA on the heels of the Librarians and Apep’s spirit still out there, assuredly wreaking havoc, it’s going to be an intense third season of the show.

And that belief was confirmed by the conversation between Jenkins and Flynn in the final scene of the premiere where Flynn shares that Jenson warned him years ago that a war was coming. According to Jenkins the ultimate battle is coming it has already begun.

That isn’t going to be good for team, now is it?

What did you think of the season premiere of ‘The Librarians’? How much havoc is DOSA going to cause for the team? And who will be Apep’s next victim? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next episode of the third season of ‘The Librarians will air on TNT on Sunday, November 27 at 8/7c.