Five Reasons You Should be Watching Fox’s Lucifer

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Spoiler alert – this article contains what some might consider spoilers, but in order to discuss the program, it is necessary to give some specifics. I tried to limit myself to what would hopefully be considered minor spoilers.

Last week I discussed my favorite new show: Four reasons Why This Is Us is My Favorite New Show this Fall. In this article I would like to discuss a show I started watching last year; Fox TV’s supernatural series, Lucifer, now in its second season. I typically watch it live as it airs Monday night at 9 pm EST. My husband has also taken a fancy to Lucifer, so he hangs out with me while it is on. Let’s look at some reasons you should watch Lucifer!

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis - Lucifer

Although he has been on many programs, I first became aware of him last year when he starred as the titular character in the short lived medical series Rush. On that show, he played a very skilled doctor who was fired by the hospital where he worked due to his drug and alcohol use and resulting behavior. He ended up doing concierge medicine for celebrities and other wealthy and sometimes sketchy clients; requiring payment in cash for not asking any questions.

Interestingly, in Rush he drove a small convertible, and in Lucifer, he also drives a small convertible. I wonder if he puts that in his contract? Both series feature him portraying a suave, sexy character, whose charm is his most endearing trait. He speaks with a certain fluidity, always ready with a quick rejoinder or pointed comment.

The Dialogue


The writers do a fantastic job of using every devil pun imaginable. And of course, Lucifer is careful to correct any character that uses an expression involving the devil. Such as this exchange; Evangelist: “Look at this world! The sin, the lust! It is the Devil’s touch.” Lucifer: “N-n-no, don’t give me credit for all that. You humans do plenty all on your own.” He is also very quick to jump in when someone uses an expression that references God, such as “God help us.” Lucifer typically responds something along the lines of “that’s not likely to happen.”

Lucifer has that snarky tongue that I so enjoy. He does not pull any punches when expressing himself and is very quick witted. For instance, he mused aloud; “Why do Satanists affiliate me with goats? I don’t even like their cheese.”

Different Take on the Devil

Lucifer's true face - Lucifer

After Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer on Supernatural, I think Tom Ellis’s interpretation of Lucifer on this program is my next favorite. The show’s creators have taken the Lucifer story from the Bible, but expanded and embellished it with their own specific ideas. Thus the mythos for this show is slightly familiar, but also creative and entertaining.

This is not your mother’s Lucifer! Oh, no, this one will occasionally bare his fearsome supernatural persona, and let me tell you, you do not want to be on the receiving end of that, but most of the time he is a wisecracking, pretty jovial fellow. He escaped Hell because he was tired of the lifestyle and wanted a change. And, as we found out in a recent episode, he does not want to return to heaven. He is quite content to be on earth.

He has fully embraced the Los Angeles scene, savoring every moment of partying! He certainly understands decadence and the total pursuit of all kinds of pleasure, legal or not. He also has very little in the way of understanding of boundaries, verbal filters, and many social rules of interactions. Personally, I think this just adds to the fun.

Not Just Another Police Procedural

Chloe - Lucifer

While at heart this show is a police procedural, that fact is mostly used as the framework on which the rest of the action hangs. The real meat of most episodes is about Lucifer’s relationships with the other characters, and to a lesser extent, their relationships with each other. Many times, the murder of the week is woven into the ongoing story of whatever the current relationship crisis in Lucifer’s life is. And, I don’t think that is a bad thing, because the relationships are actually quite interesting and absorbing.

My favorite part of the police investigations is the way Lucifer totally ignores any of the normal procedures. He could care less about playing it close to the vest when interrogating suspects, and does not concern himself with the sterility of a crime scene. He gets the job done somehow, but the frustration of the police he works with is pretty funny!

Interesting Ensemble of Characters

Amenadiel and Mazikeen - Lucifer

Lucifer is blessed with a terrific cast and a variety of characters. There is someone here for everyone!

Besides Lucifer, there are three other supernatural characters that play prominent roles. Amenadiel is Lucifer’s brother, and is also an angel. He was sent to earth to take Lucifer back to Hell. Then there is the demon Mazikeen, Lucifer’s chief torturer in Hell who accompanies him to earth. She has little in the way of patience for Lucifer and his existential crisis, and just wants to go back to Hell. Lucifer’s mother escapes from Hell and comes to earth, assuming the persona of Charlotte Richards, an attorney and mother. She struggles to fit into the world, but what is she really up to?

Dr. Linda Martin is Lucifer’s therapist. In the second season she finds out who he really is, and it takes her a while to fully process that. She also has a complicated relationship with Amenadiel stemming from their early interactions.

The female lead is detective Chloe Decker. As with most programs nowadays, at first she did not want to with Lucifer or even have him tag along, but as time has passed, even though he still does very inappropriate things, she has come to value his assistance. Dan Espinoza, her ex-husband, used to be a detective too, but went to prison at the end of season one due to his involvement in questionable activities, and has been released unexpectedly, currently working under Chloe assisting with investigations. He and Lucifer have a very antagonistic relationship due to a mutual interest in Chloe.

Trixie Espinoza is the daughter of Chloe and Dan. She is an adorable munchkin who is not in every episode but is used to good effect by highlighting the discomfort Lucifer and Mazikeen feel being with her. Trixie, in her sweet innocence, is unaware of this discomfort and actually adores them both, freely hugging Lucifer with gusto, sending him into awkward attempts to extricate himself.


Do you watch Lucifer? What do you think of it? If you don’t watch it and start, please come back and tell me what you think!