The Vampire Diaries “Coming Home Was a Mistake” Review (Season 8 Episode 5)


On a mostly transitional episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” Bonnie continued to try and help Enzo get his humanity back, Alaric and Caroline got some alarming news about their hot nanny, and Sybil continued to work towards breaking down Damon’s last vestiges of humanity and his reservations about what he needed to do, in “Coming Home Was a Mistake.”

We began on a sad note, with Matt alerting everyone to Tyler’s passing and their preparing for his funeral. A still clueless Alaric continued to leave his and Caroline’s kids with Seline, which he would later come to regret, as he had Dorian continue the search for the MIA Georgie, who Alaric was convinced was the Siren sibling they were looking for.


Bonnie used a magical candle to trap Enzo in the cabin they were staying at, which he found out the hard way after she relented and set him free after he complained about the ties that binded him. Despite this, Enzo continued to fight Bonnie on flipping his humanity switch, finding it easier to live with the things he’d done with it off, for obvious reasons.

Damon shows up a Tyler’s funeral, intending to wreak havoc if they don’t agree to leave him alone, and going so far as to force feed his blood to Matt, threatening to kill him and turn him into a vampire if they try and do something rash about him. After this display, Stefan realizes that Damon will be better off if Stefan puts him down, locking him in a coffin until they can figure out how to combat the Sirens.

Damon confronts Sybil at the Armory, wanting to know how she could possibly still have a hold on him, even locked up. She tells him it will be so much easier if he fully surrenders to her and stops trying to resist and hold on to the emotional ties that bind him. Only then will his pain go away, which keeps creeping up and keeping him from going full psycho-vamp. Either that, or he can just listen to Stefan and turn back on his humanity, but then he’ll feel the full weight of all that he’s done.


Matt receives a package from the Armory, which was to be sent to him in the event of Tyler’s death. In it, he discovers all of Tyler’s notes on the case he was helping them with, which was tracking down the other Siren, who we now know to be Seline. Tyler thinks Matt can pick up where he left off, as he has the drive for it, and is used to being self-sufficient and driven, having had to fend for himself for the most part all these years.

Seline takes the girls to the carnival, where she “wins” them a dead goldfish, then they head to a factory, where she has an altar-like pyre set up. She has the girls use a spell to set it alight, then they do another spell, seemingly singing to bring Cade back. Later on, after Matt identifies Seline as the erstwhile Siren from some family photos, Alaric and Caroline rush home to find all three gone, with only a crude drawing of their family…with a bonus member by the name of Cade.

Bonnie purs gas all over the cabin and says she’ll stay and burn if Enzo doesn’t turn his humanity back on. He continues to refuse, right up until she passes out, at which point he places her outside and away from immediate danger. When she wakes up and sees that he has no intention of leaving the cabin alive, she rushes back in and defuses the spell, allowing them both to escape, at which point it becomes clear that Enzo is back to normal again- for now, at least.


Damon gets Stefan to meet him at the carnival, at which point one of them stages a “gas leak” to evacuate the premises, so that everyone concerned is out of harm’s way. Stefan tries to talk him into turning his humanity switch back on, to no avail, and Damon attacks him. Thankfully, despite his telling her to stay away, Caroline has Stefan’s back and knocks Damon out, using a vervain bullet.

Stefan then places Damon into a coffin and chains him down to it, locking him up until they figure out how to deal with the Siren issues. However, as everyone returns to the carnival to have a sort of memorial for Tyler’s passing, Sybil escapes the Armory and grabs their only weapon, the bident, in the process, then heads to the Salvatore mansion, where she sets Damon free. He is clearly ready and willing to play ball by this point, so to reward him, Sybil gifts Damon with a human to feed on.


Everyone says a few words about Tyler at the carnival, at which point Stefan turns the power on and the group indulges in some rides to cheer themselves up. Stefan thanks Caroline for intervening on his behalf, while Enzo laments not having the wherewithal of Tyler to quell the beast inside. The episode ends with Caroline and Alaric realizing they’ve had the villain in their sights all this time and attempting to go and confront her, but to no avail, as Seline is long gone, kids in tow.

This episode was okay, but nothing special, really. For the most part, it was just set-up for stuff to come, but I suppose that was to be expected after we got so much back-story in the previous episode. As it stands, the episode was fine, just nowhere near as good as that last one.


What did you think of the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”? What is Seline up to with the kids? Is she simply trying to bring Cade back? And to what end? Will Damon continue to serve Sybil, or will someone help snap him out of it? What is Sybil up to, for that matter? Sound off with your predictions down below and I’ll see you next week!