Legends of Tomorrow “Outlaw Country” Review (Season 2 Episode 6)

Legends of Tomorrow returned to the Old West this week, which was a more than welcome trip given how much fun the team’s first visit there was. Though there’s always the risk of diminishing returns with repeat visits like this, “Outlaw Country” managed to deliver plenty of great moments to set itself apart. Plus, more Jonah Hex is never a bad thing.

The show has done a much better job of spreading the character development love this season, a trend that continued this week. Here, we got good arcs for Nate, Mick, and Sara, while also setting up a new mystery for Martin. In regards to the latter, though Martin is worried about the visions of a young woman meaning his marriage may have ended, I feel like he’s actually more likely to have a new daughter waiting for him in the present.

As to the deeper arcs, I continue to adore Sara Lance, my Arrowverse MVP for several years running. Her shift into the leadership role continues to be a smooth one, and Rip’s absence means she’s the one who plays against Jonah for the majority of the episode. The two have a natural rapport, one that easily breaks through his prejudice. Mick, meanwhile, continued to deal with his mixed emotions over actually caring about his teammates, while also growing closer with Amaya. Admittedly, Nate dealing with his mortality again is happening pretty soon, but watching him stop a train was an amusingly over-the-top conclusion.

The rest of the team also got some fun moments, with Ray exuding more fun than he has most of the season. Watching him act like an old pro at time travel just because he’d been to the Old West before was amusing, as was his spitting Tootsie Rolls like tobacco. I’m a bit bummed that he’s so quickly discovered new dwarf star alloy – guess his soul-searching will be reaching an end soon – but hopefully he can build a better-looking version of the suit. And hey, he’s going to need it; in two weeks, the alien invasion begins.

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