Teen Wolf “Memory Lost” Review (Season 6 Episode 1)

Welcome back, Teen Wolf fans! It’s a new season with new opening credits. It’s nice to see Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski), Melissa Ponzio (Mama McCall) and JR Bourne (Chris Argent) getting some face time in the new opening sequence.

Memory Lost started out doing one of the things that Teen Wolf does best – creepy, suspenseful nighttime scenes that make you question the logic and judgment of the characters we see frolicking about in such circumstances. Here, it was Hayden and Liam who encountered a slowly rolling car that appeared to have no driver. In the back, they discovered a frightened boy, Alex, whose parents were taken away by a mysterious person on a horse with magic bullets.

We learn that it has been about three months since anything freakishly supernatural has happened in Beacon Hills and, unsurprisingly, Stiles is not buying it. I don’t know where we are in terms of the overall show timeline, but it is a bit baffling that after six seasons these kids are still not listening to Stiles who is at about 90-95% rate of accuracy in his hunches. I think the only thing Stiles was off base about was Derek being evil way, way back in Season 1 and frankly, Derek was not written in a way that inspired a lot of trust.

It was refreshing to see the group collaborating right away to sort out the mysterious car/magic bullet issue. I strongly prefer that to scenes where half of the cast is curiously missing and you cannot help but wonder why they were not called by the group to assist. Instead, we got Lydia doing her banshee thing, Malia sniffing out the situation and, back at the station, Scott using his alpha abilities to access memories. That being said, I couldn’t help but laugh at the writers acknowledging that Malia was literally standing naked in front of the group after she shifted from her were-coyote form. I guess there’s no need to be shy among friends. I’m glad the writers didn’t lamp shade it, as they previously did with Derek. It reminded me of the Talia Hale flashback we saw in which she arrived for a meeting with Deaton and he handed her a cover up.

We are introduced to the new hot teacher at Beacon Hills who, for some reason, was drawing a cat on the board(?). Seems like something unnecessary or that could have been done in advance of class, but Teen Wolf is gonna Teen Wolf. Thanks to a compass that Cory “borrows” from hot teacher, Liam’s group (Liam, Hayden, Mason & Cory) end up running into Scott’s group at Alex’s house. The home looks completely abandoned, with the exception of Alex’s room, which is fully furnished. Family photos now only feature Alex.

The Ghost Rider appears and is seen by Stiles only. Despite being at close range and having the advantage of magic bullets, the Ghost Rider is unable to connect with Stiles. Once the Ghost Rider departs, all traces of Alex disappear. Of course Stiles seeing the Ghost Rider cannot bode well for him.

Scott and Stiles realize that Alex is a goner. Their hunch is confirmed upon their arrival at the sheriff’s station, where no one even remembers the poor minor they had locked up in a cell. The duo realize that the Ghost Rider is literally ghosting people and, for some reason, think that Liam and Hayden are next – not Stiles, the person who actually saw the Ghost Rider.

I knew Stiles was a goner when he went to say something to Scott and the conversation ended with “tell me later.” Stiles begins to realize that no one recognizes who he is. Lydia realizes what is happening and runs to find Stiles, who leads her to Roscoe. She promises not to forget him, but Stiles realizes that she too will forget him shortly. What followed was a whole lot of fan fic and gif fodder for Stydia fans. Congrats, guys! Stiles tells Lydia to find a way to remember him and he tells her that he loves her. I still don’t think I quite know what happened to the Stiles/Malia relationship, but I don’t care enough to want any closure there. The writers have moved on and so shall I.

The last moments between Stiles and Lydia felt less about shipping and more like a farewell from Dylan O’Brien to Teen Wolf fans. I made a concerted effort not to follow the fandom wank during the break, but I would suspect that O’Brien’s unfortunate set accident likely altered Stiles’s fate in this final season. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of O’Brien on the show, but I am curious to see how involved the actor is in the second half of this season, which I believe was filmed after his accident.

Overall, this was a solid opening for Teen Wolf. I was not a huge fan of Season 5, so I think it was a smart choice to center the final season (or at least the first half) on one of the show’s most beloved characters. Reservations about the final season aside, I want to know what’s happening with Stiles.

Other thoughts and observations . . .

– The Stiles/Malia photo scene – couldn’t they just crop Stiles out of the picture? Also, the candid group shot – doesn’t candid mean a picture in which the subject is not prepared or aware that they are being photographed? In other words, a picture in which the group is not posing?

– Cory using his invisibility to steal the compass was a bit odd. Indeed, no one would see that it was him, but it was a little curious that no one noticed the cabinet just opening on its own.

– I understand their time was limited, but when both Stiles and Lydia realized what was happening why not write a quick note to perhaps remind her of what happened? Would a note that read “Ghost Riders will take our best friend and we won’t remember him” have also vanished like Alex’s parents from the family pictures? Who knows.

– Looking ahead, I’m curious to see if we will ever get loose ends from past seasons tied up. I’ve given up all hope that we will see Danny again or that Ms. Morrell might someday resurface. However, Kate Argent on the loose is still a big deal – at least for me as someone who has watched this show from season 1. I’d like to know her fate before Teen Wolf ends. Not sure that I have a lot of faith that we will get any closure there, but I’m happy to see that Chris Argent will be around this season.

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