Supergirl “Changing” Review (Season 2 Episode 6)

Last week’s episode of Supergirl managed to deliver a fantastic hour even without a worthwhile villain. This week kept all of the strengths while also bringing J’onn and M’gann back into the fold and delivering a more menacing threat. As a result, it’s no surprise that “Changing” is another win in the show’s stellar second season.

Once again, the show delivered a series of fantastic character moments, with the strongest once again going to Alex as she continues to come to terms with her sexuality. Chyler Leigh has been absolutely crushing it this season, and she remained as relatable and charming as ever this week. She brings an aching sincerity to the awkwardness Alex feels when coming out to Kara and the heartbreak she feels when Maggie rejects her. It’s a huge personal upheaval that the character is going through, and Leigh’s performance makes it impossible not to root for her.

Alex’s storyline also serves the larger themes of diversity and acceptance that have been a focus of the entire season. Beyond just the larger presence of aliens this season, the show has been specifically interested in exploring the different prejudices and issues that presence brings up. In particular, I’m fascinated by the way the show has continued to craft Kara into a more complicated character through her interactions with both her sister and Mon-El.

In the case of the former, it was hard to watch Kara not immediately reassure her sister and instead get caught up in her own head about it; in the latter, well, she may see good in Mon-El, but she’s still working hard to get over her instilled racism in regards to him being from Daxam. These moments keep Kara from being a flawless character, but I love seeing these flaws. Instead of just being a paragon, we get to see Kara overcome her deficiencies, which are valuable moments given how many younger viewers the show has.

As far as characters with even more questionable deficiencies, well… I’m still not sure how to feel about James’ decision to become a superhero. A small part of it is the doofy suit – which admittedly looks a lot better in motion than it did in preview pics – but the bigger issue is just how random it all seems. I’m fine with the show pivoting away from the romance angle James had with Kara, but his feeling that this is the only way he can make a difference doesn’t really make much sense given his position in the media. The highlight to these stories remains Winn, who gets a standout scene when he lets James know he’s an equal, not a sidekick.

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