Jane the Virgin “Chapter Forty-Nine” Review (Season 3, Episode 5)

Chapter Forty-Nine

It’s been three months since Anezka, Petra’s twin sister, took over her look-alike’s life, keeping Petra paralyzed and on a breathing apparatus on The CW series Jane the Virgin. And just when Jane figured out that something wasn’t quite right about Petra, the real one concealed what her twin did to her.

Why? She wants the Mirabella all to herself. And she’s going to use any means necessary to get what she wants. As the narrator of the show said at the end of last night’s episode, “the bitch is back.” And, she is back with a vengeance.

Never let it be said that this show doesn’t know how to load on the telenovela-esque stories. It’s enough to make your head spin while rolling you over in laughter. That’s the beauty of Jane the Virgin.

Elsewhere, Xiomara seemed to finally accept that it was time for her to move on from her dreams of singing stardom by getting a real job. But thanks to a Grease-like dream sequence – with Rogelio, Jane and Abuela singing to her about what she should be doing with her future – she makes a huge decision. She is going to open her own dance studio, which will allow her to be her own boss and do something that she truly loves.

When you think about the list of job possibilities that Xo made for herself, I don’t think starting her own business was on there, but it is so obvious – albeit after the fact – that that is exactly what she should be doing. I’m just surprised that that wasn’t on my mind until Rogelio, Jane and Abuela started singing about it to Xo. Great job, writers, great job indeed!

Then there was the storyline of Michael and Rafael trying to find common ground between them. They will never have the bromance that Michael and Rogelio have, but given the fact they have Jane and Mateo in common, they have to find a way to get along. And, having Mateo go missing for all of 14 seconds, while the two argue over changing a flat tire, seemed to be just what they both needed. They will never be best buddies, but hopefully the difficulties between them will begin to soften.

And then there is the whole “Angels guard the Son” prison message from Rafael’s mother that Michael finally figured, but how will that message all pan out. Will it lead to Michael finding all of her money? Or will it lead to something a bit more nefarious?

What are your thoughts on the new episode? Are you happy to see the old Petra back? How do you think things will turn out for Xo in opening her new business? How much trouble is Jane’s newly arrived cousin going to cause for her and the family? What will Rogelio have to do for his management team in order to appear in his hard-fought-for movie role? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the third season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ will air on The CW on Monday, November 21 at 9/8c.