Legends of Tomorrow “Compromised” Review (Season 2 Episode 5)

Legends of Tomorrow got back to its fun, flighty self tonight, and what better time period for such a rebounded than the swinging 1980s? “Compromised” offered a number of fun moments and great period-appropriate references, while still delivering a good deal of strong character and plot developments. Just an all-around fun time, really.

As a huge fan of the eighties as a time period, it was great to see the team fully embrace the costuming and music of the era – save an amusingly grumpy Mick. It was a light-hearted episode, even with the dire stakes the team was facing. Plus, any episode that gives us Damien Darhk in his Miami Vice finest is a win in my book.

The humor came through strongest, as ever, with the aforementioned Mick, who was doing his best to make Ray into a worthy new partner. As familiar a plotline as it was – guy tries to be someone else, realize he should just be himself – it was highly entertaining to see the two bounce off one another. Ray works better as a goofball than a man wrought with drama, so this episode played to his strength as he finally began to move past the loss of his suit.

Nathan is also a character that works better in a comedic way, at least so far. He’s just so enthusiastic about all of the historic events and items he gets to see, and his power of invulnerability allows him to be just a bit less serious than the others. Of course, his previously necessary skittishness still shows through at times, particularly as he worried over the elderly Obsidian. In relation to that, it was nice to see Vixen and Nathan share some screen time tonight, allowing the two new team members to bond.

There were solid character beats all around, really, from Sara deciding to torture Darhk with future knowledge instead of killing him to Mick realizing he’s more affected by Snart’s death than he wants to be. Admittedly, Stein having to get his younger self to appreciate his wife was a more than a little familiar, but Graeme McComb once again nailed the younger version of the character. And if anything, it was Sara’s decision that had the biggest ramification, with Darhk deciding to team up with Thawne and wreak havoc throughout time.

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