American Horror Story “Chapter 9” Review (Season 6 Episode 9)

AHS 005

In the brutal, uncompromising penultimate episode of Season 6 of “American Horror Story,” the “Return to Roanoke” storyline drew to a close, more or less, in “Chapter 9.” Yes, from the looks of the preview for the season finale next week, there will be a wrapping up of loose ends still to come, but in terms of the second-tier of this season’s ongoing plotlines, this was effectively the finale.

As promised, there was just one person left standing at the end of the show to tell the tale, and this time around, my second guess was the charm, as- spoiler alert from here on out- it was indeed Lee (Adina Howard) who survived the grisly goings-on the second time around. While it remains to be seen whether or not she is blamed for the murders, as I also predicted would be the case, once again, that preview would seem to indicate that the matter was, as of yet, unresolved.

From the looks of things, we will be covering the court proceedings for the crimes at hand, as well as eavesdropping in on an exclusive interview between Lee and none other than the returning character of reporter Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson, back again), not seen since Season 2, “Asylum.” Also from what I can tell, Lee would seem to have beaten the rap, though the interview could have easily taken place before or during the trial- though likely not after, as the two seem to be meeting in a much posher locale than jail.

Be that as it may, we already know that Lee definitely has blood on her hands, and not just in the form of Mason, either, as this episode proved. It seems that Lee came into contact with the witch-formerly-played-by-Lady Gaga, Scathach, who helped save her life, and apparently possessed her at some point, leading her to kill, at the very least, two people: Monet (Angela Bassett), who she pushed off a balcony and onto a wooden stake down below, and Todd (Jacob Artist, “Quantico”), one of a trio of YouTuber-types that had the misfortune to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Now, from the looks of things, she might not entirely remember what she did while possessed, but given what happened to Mason, which also almost would have had to involved a helping hand given the circumstances, and which she absolutely DID remember- hence her on camera confession- my guess is that, helped along or not, at the very least she remembers what she did. Whether or not she’ll admit it remains to be seen, but I’m guessing not, as she clearly still wants to be reunited with her child Flora.

In addition to the aforementioned Todd, there were two other newcomers this week: Milo (Jon Bass, “The Newsroom”) and Sophie, played by another familiar face from seasons past, Taissa Farmiga, neither of whom lasted very long. Joining them in their final send-off, which was live-streamed online (!), was Dylan, the character played by Wes Bentley, who showed up at the end of the last episode.

In an admittedly spectacularly gory sequence, which itself was prefaced by its own warning, Dylan was, like Cricket before him, disemboweled, followed by Milo and Sophie being impaled on stakes, “Make Them Die Slowly”-style, then burned alive. Yikes! (Writer’s note- The film I meant was “Cannibal Holocaust,” about a group of documentarians that end up getting killed by cannibals, including an infamous impalement scene that no one who sees it forgets. I’m going to leave “MTDS” in the article, as you should really see both, if you like that sort of thing! 🙂 )

Audrey managed to stay alive to the very end, and even added to the body count herself, when she gunned down one of the Polk sons when she, Lee and Dylan attempted to rescue Monet. Audrey made off with Monet, but Dylan ran afoul of the other son, who stabbed Dylan before taking off himself in the truck Dylan was looking to hot-wire to make their getaway.

Dylan caught up with Sophie and Milo, who mistook him for another killer and locked themselves in Sidney’s trailer to escape him. Dylan then had the misfortune to get himself caught by the colonists, who promptly dragged him back to the house to kill him in a sacrifice. Sophie and Milo spotted Lee via Sidney’s trailer cameras, and made the dubious decision to try and intervene on Monet and Audrey’s behalf, when they saw Lee headed their way, after killing Todd.

AHS 003

This, mind you, after coming across that PA’s car and body, after seeming to see her walking around aimlessly in the forest- no doubt because she was trapped on site after being killed there. They were lucky enough to get away, only to be met by disbelief from the local police, who promptly banned them from the premises. Alas, they ignored said warnings not to go back, and it cost them dearly.

Unfortunately, their much-wanted online bragging status resulted in them ending up dead- though they did seemingly get footage of Lee killing people and her involvement with the colonists. Will Lana Winters air the footage as a “gotcha”-type moment during her interview with Lee? We shall see, but it seems likely. As such, it also seems more likely Lee will end up in jail than regaining custody of her daughter- or maybe SHE has the footage instead.

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 9 (screengrab) (CR: FX)

The last to go, however, was Audrey, who might have been okay if she hadn’t seen Lee still standing and freaked out, as Lee had put a cleaver into her shoulder, then pushed her down into the root cellar, seemingly to die. Instead, Audrey got up the ladder the next day, the cops told her everything was going to be okay, then she spotted Lee, grabbed one of the cops’ guns and tried to take out Lee.

The cops in the area all responded fiercely, gunning down Audrey in a hail of bullets before she could finish Lee off. Oops! Wrong girl, guys! Oh well, too late now. Audrey now dead, that left Lee as the sole survivor of the ordeal- though it’s entirely possible that Scathach might have stowed away in her body, given what transpired between her and Lee. That depends on whether she is bound to the land like the others, I suppose.

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Either way, it was an impressively action-packed episode, filled with over-the-top gore, as well as the welcome return of old-school “AHS” fave Farmiga, though, even more so than Evan Peters, she didn’t last very long. At least she went out in a memorable way, so there’s that. It will certainly be interesting to see how they wrap this bad boy up, and supposedly Ryan Murphy and the gang have one last November surprise in store for us. Let’s hope it’s better than the election results! 😛

Join me next week for the big finale, and let me know what you thought and what your predictions are down below. Thanks for reading!