Supergirl “Crossfire” Review (Season 2 Episode 5)

Supergirl delivered perhaps its weakest villain yet this week, with the threat amounting to three random thugs given beam weapons by Cadmus. However, that does nothing to diminish that this was one of the best hours the show has yet turn out. The reason? “Crossfire” provides stellar character work and development across the board, providing stellar moments for the show’s many characters both old and new.

And let’s start with the absolute high point of the hour: Alex beginning to realize and explore her own sexuality. One of the strongest dynamics in the season so far has been Alex’s growing connection with Maggie. Though the sense of romance has been there throughout, tonight Alex is downright giddy about her friendship with Maggie, and she realize there may indeed be deeper feelings there. Having dedicated her life so fully to her work, Alex had never stopped to think that all her past relationships may have failed to work out because men just aren’t her thing. It’s a beautifully arc of self-discovery that Alex is going through, and Chyler Leigh does amazing work with the material.

Doing far goofier, though still wonderfully entertaining, work is Chris Wood as Mon-El. We got a glimpse of the character’s light-hearted ways last week, but this was Wood’s opportunity to really come alive as the character. Though Kara tried her best to mold him into a responsible CatCo employee, Mon-El is just too much of a big dumb dog, adorable as he is in his sweater and fake glasses. He has no clue about Earth customs, so he sees no problem in rattling off his fake social security number, eating Twizzlers at his desk, or mouthing off to the big boss. What makes all of his behavior forgivable is that he really is just unaware of how things work, seeking the most pleasurable, entertaining option because, well, that’s just how things were on Daxam.

We also got more from the mysterious leader of Cadmus this week as she continued her mission of instilling anti-alien sentiments in the populace. Admittedly, she’s still a thinly drawn character, but the reveal that she’s actually the Luthor matriarch has me excited to see where things go. That reveal also has me even more invested in Lena, suggesting she may be every bit as genuine as she’s strived to appear so far.

The one element that didn’t quite work this week was James’ sudden decision to become a vigilante. I’m glad the show isn’t completely abandoning the character – he’s already had a number of noticeable absences this season – but this is a strange turn to suddenly take with the character. That said, his scenes with Winn were strong, and I’m at least somewhat curious to see where things go from here.

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