My Four Favorite Things About King Ezekiel and The Kingdom

King Ezekiel, Carol, Jerry, Shiva - The Walking Dead

Spoiler alert – this article will be discussing the second episode of season seven of The Walking Dead. If you have not yet seen it, you might want to come back after viewing!

After the extremely dark season seven premiere of The Walking Dead, it was a nice change of pace and actually a bit of a relief that the second episode of the season, “The Well,” had a much lighter theme and feel. Now, of course, The Walking Dead is a serious drama, and I am not expecting grins and giggles, but to not feel utterly emotionally drained after watching an episode was a relief.

In this episode, we are introduced to yet another colony of people living in the Northern Virginia area. These are the people that came to the aid of Carol and Morgan in the sixth season finale episode. The mere fact that they helped is a positive check mark in the friendly ledger. They could have easily walked on by, or not offered medical aid to Carol who was gravely injured.

While I tend to be a pretty optimistic person, I am also no fool when it comes to people. I realize that there are evil people, in the same way there are good people. And, I also realize that an apocalypse will likely bring out the worst in some people, even the formerly good. Therefore, the fact that the majority of people Rick and his gang have encountered are evil or have evil intent, and yes there is a difference in my mind, is not so terribly surprising. But, even though we have in all likelihood not heard the full story, I think, no, make that want to believe, that King Ezekiel is a good person.

And, really, we have met good people at Hilltop. And on the road. And in Atlanta. And on the farm. But then we must also remember Woodbury, where to be fair the majority of folks seemed to be good people being mislead; Terminus, where the folks were good but came to evil acts after being brutalized by others with evil intent; and the hospital in Atlanta, where again the people were not all bad but the leadership needed a reboot.

So, I sit waiting for the other shoe to drop, but hoping that The Kingdom is as good as it seems, and that maybe Rick and his gang might actually be able to make some allies that will not try to kill them once they escape Negan and The Saviors’ grasp! In the meantime, after only one episode, I compiled a list of the things I like best about King Ezekiel and The Kingdom. See if you agree!


Carol - The Walking Dead

Carol, Carol, Carol – take the darn pomegranate! I know they are a lot of work, and while I can sympathize, since I used to not eat crabs for the same reason (and now I am allergic so it is a non-issue), pomegranates are in a whole different league in my opinion! I wait all year for pomegranate season, and even then pay the premium price to get them. and savor every tangy aril!

Any place that has pomegranates is, in my opinion, next to heaven. The people there cannot be bad! And, they also cannot be stabbing you if they are busy removing the arils from the main fruit. It does take a long time, but that is useful for talking to someone and finding out of there are indeed hidden secrets!

Shiva the Tiger

King Ezekiel and Shiva - The Walking Dead

Ok, The Kingdom has a freaking tiger! How awesome is that? Even more awesome is the Aesop’s Fable like story of how Ezekiel saved Shiva’s life. Is it silly to want a tiger that adores me like that?

Yeah, it is impractical – for instance, how does Ezekiel feed it? Where does he get that much meat? Considering that he has to give Negan his tribute, it seems they must be doing very well, but they do not have a cattle farm. Full grown tigers can eat about 15 pounds of meat per day! Maybe they have rounded up cattle like they do pigs? Or maybe that is the hidden truth of this utopia – if you do something the king doesn’t like, you become Shiva’s next meal…

Keeping It Real

King Ezekiel and Jerry - The Walking Dead

I like King Ezekiel. Yeah, I know, maybe I am too trusting, and who knows what his actual motivations are, but after his conversation with Carol, and his actions in the second episode of season seven, I am drawn to him. He cares because it makes him feel good. Actually, he sounds a little like me. I volunteer for things because it makes me feel good, so I can really relate to the man.

As I said above, I believe that there are people that can keep their humanity even in an apocalypse. Yes, it seems the moral compass is usually the first to die. But, in this case, he is powerful and the leader, with a strong group of followers who are very loyal to him, including another new favorite character of mine, Jerry, his trusted advisor. Ezekiel is also very smart and no fool, surrounding himself with protection!


Carol - The Walking Dead

In The Kingdom, they have cobbler at every meal! Now, I do know some people do not like cobbler, but come on, it’s cobbler! What is not to like? Maybe the cook can publish a cookbook of The Kingdom’s cobbler recipes! I would buy that, wouldn’t you?

Let’s see; pomegranate cobbler would be the first thing I would look for. The Kingdom seems to have figured out the benefits of sustainable agriculture, so who know what else goes into their delightful cobblers?


So, what do you think about The Kingdom? Will this be just another Terminus, or have we found some truly good allies to help our friend Rick and the gang? Do you like King Ezekiel? Sound off in the comments section below!