Legends of Tomorrow “Abominations” Review (Season 2 Episode 4)

Legends of Tomorrow has succeeded this season by taking an all-around sillier, more fun approach to its storytelling. This episode definitely has that element to it, but several other tones are present as well, split across the various plotlines. “Abominations” is a bit of a mixed bag as a result, with the more serious moments jarring as often as they are effecting.

It’s also mixed simply because of the elements it tries to combine. On one hand, this is an episode with a zany high concept about Confederate zombies in the Civil War. On the other, it’s an episode that tries to take a real look at the racism and slavery of the 1800s. That’s a hard balance to strike on any show, let alone one with as shaky a past as Legends.

I’m honestly surprised the show manages to do as well with the material as it does, Jax’s scene in the stables being particularly striking. A lot of it works because Franz Drameh has always been one of the show’s strongest players, delivering real emotion whenever called for. He sells how effected Jax is by his experience this week, and we have no problem believing Stein when he tells Jax how inspiring a figure he is to him.

The show also uses the storyline to continue developing new team member Vixen, pairing her with Jax and allowing the show’s two black characters to lead the charge in a story that is very much about their history. Not only does it allow the two to grow closer as teammates, it also keeps a story about rescuing slaves from falling into the old “white savior” trope.

Instead, the rest of the team are left to deal with those aforementioned zombies, though even this doesn’t really come too much into play for the majority of the episode. We get a brief fight upon their arrival in the time period, but Sara and Nathan spend most of the hour just hanging out with General Grant, trying to warn him about the zombies. Stein, meanwhile, gets some solid laughs with his freaking out over the undead, but there’s not much to he and Ray being chased by a zombified Mick. It does end with Ray getting Snart’s cold gun, though, so I guess we’ll see where that goes next time.

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