The Vampire Diaries “You Decided I Was Worth Saving” Review (Season 8 Episode 3)

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On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” Sybil found herself struggling with the problem of Bonnie, so she figured, if she couldn’t join with her in the minds of Damon and Enzo, she’d beat her, in the aptly-titled “You Decided I Was Worth Saving.” Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline tried gamely to attempt to plan a wedding with all that was going on around them, and Alaric and Georgie continued their research on all things siren, hell and pitchfork-related.

We began with Sybil continuing to give Damon’s memory a makeover, revising the Gilbert family’s wreck so that everyone, Elena included, died, which meant that Damon would have never met her in the first place. But while Damon was pliant enough, Enzo kept resisting her at every turn. Realizing the problem was Bonnie, she promptly sent Damon to kill her.

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Bonnie was busy being Caroline’s Maid of Honor, and doing bridal duty, helping Caroline pick out a dress and the like, while Stefan broke the news to Alaric about the impending wedding and Alaric, in turn, filled Stefan in on the bident, but made sure he knew that it might not be as easy as simply, say, stabbing Sybil with it to defeat her.

Damon arrived at the bridal shop, wasting no time in killing the poor clerk, then attacking both Caroline and Bonnie. Fortunately for Bonnie, Caroline was able to impale Damon with a pole and get her out of there before Damon could inflict any serious damage on either one of them.

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Sybil and Enzo arrived soon after, hot on the trail, with the former none too amused that Damon had been so easily defeated by two women. (Guess she doesn’t count herself as one.) Realizing that Damon, too, had feelings of some kind for Bonnie, she set about trying to replace Bonnie as well in his memory banks.

Caroline calls Stefan to let him know what’s going on, while Damon calls him shortly thereafter, asking Stefan to meet him at the high school for reasons unknown. Sybil, in the meantime, shows up uninvited at Salvatore Manor, wanting to know from Bonnie what makes her so special to both Enzo and Damon, perplexed by the fact that, as far as she can tell, Damon and Bonnie were never really a thing.

Hey, I’m as confused by that as you are, sister. Maybe Sybil is the stand-in for all of us fans that have had similar feelings! It’s as if the show is having a conversation with itself- why DIDN’T we hook those two crazy kids up? Your guess is as good as mine, Sybil. (Loved her line about Damon putting the “Damn!” in his name, though, lol.)

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Back at Alaric’s, Georgie did what I did in last week’s review and connected the dots between the bident and the devil, but was unable to do much beyond that, save wondering why exactly Alaric is so fixated on all of this. I can’t imagine! Either way, Georgie was going to find out for herself soon enough, like it or not.

Stefan arrives at the school, where Damon admits he can’t be sure what it is that Sybil wants him to do exactly, as when he tries to vocalize it out loud, everything comes out as word salad. He does, however, know that Enzo is tied up in his trunk, so it must have something to do with that. Turns out that Sybil has had it with both of them, and intends to have the two fight to the death to determine who her right-hand man will be once and for all.

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Sybil asks Bonnie if she had to choose between the two, who would she choose? Obviously, love trumps friendship, but there’s also a catch- whoever she chooses will become Sybil’s personal slave, while the other one will go straight to Hell and not pass go or collect $200. Having had a glimpse of the not-so-great-beyond herself, Bonnie isn’t on board with either of these choices, and determines to try and stop Sybil, by any means necessary.

Sybil informs Bonnie that in twelve minutes it won’t matter, as the two will sort it out for themselves, gladiator-style. The three head to the site of the face-off, while Stefan struggles to play Switzerland and keep Damon and Enzo from killing each other in the meantime, not terribly successfully.

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Caroline and Bonnie ask Sybil why she would even want these two in the first place when they obviously don’t want her and there are so many others out there who would be much easier converts. I was wondering that myself. Apparently, Sybil likes a challenge, and like certain girls are wont to do, likes the idea of men fighting over her, even if it’s a bit on the forced side.

Back at Alaric’s, the twins get a hold of the bident and start fighting over who gets to play with it, much to Alaric’s horror. He demands that they drop it immediately, which they do, but when it falls to the ground, the two tongs bang together, serving as a sort of tuning fork which causes the girls to both scream out in pain. Realizing that might be the key to defeating- or at least sidelining- Sybil, he entrusts the girls to Georgie and heads towards the fighting location.

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As the time swiftly approaches for the fight, Damon asks Stefan for help in not killing Enzo, but as soon as the time comes, the two go at it like pit bulls and Stefan is unable to stop them. En route, Bonnie and Caroline stop short with force in the car, causing Sybil, who balks at wearing a seatbelt, to go through the windshield and into the road, where the two leave her behind. (I think I would have run her over a few times for good measure, but maybe that’s just me.)

Caroline arrives and tries to stop the fight, getting her neck broken by Damon for her troubles. Bonnie tries to stop Damon from killing Enzo, to no avail, as Sybil arrives. Realizing Enzo is fighting a losing battle, as Damon is one of the stars of the show, after all, she tells Sybil she will choose after all, choosing Enzo.

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Sybil says fine, but then tells Damon to kill Bonnie. Enzo says he’ll turn off his humanity switch if Sybil will spare Bonnie, and she agrees, saying that Damon isn’t worth all the trouble, what with all the baggage he brings to the table, not to mention the constant interfering from his brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law.

However, she immediately reneges on the agreement, instructing Enzo to kill Bonnie as a test of his supposed newfound loyalty. He goes to do just that, along with Damon, as Sybil instructs Bonnie to run now if she knows what’s good for her, which she does. (Both Caroline and Stefan are down for the count at the moment.)

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Damon reaches Bonnie first, but an arriving Alaric hits him with his car, then gets out and hits the ad-hoc tuning fork on the ground, causing Sybil to collapse, screaming in pain, just as the twins did. A revived Stefan snaps Damon’s neck to get him out of the way, and he later leaves, but won’t say where he’s headed, only that Sybil still has plans for him and he can’t talk about them.

Alaric takes Sybil back to the Armory and locks her up before she can revive. BTW, Georgie, who somehow followed or found Alaric’s location after his nanny Seline arrived to take over watching the kids- GPS tracker, maybe?- sees all of this go down, and is, to say the least, more than a little taken aback, despite the fact that Alric told her, albeit somewhat jokingly, that all they were researching was, in fact, very much real.

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Stefan admits to Bonnie that he’ll always choose Damon over Enzo, which can’t be much of a surprise to her. However, he allows that he hates everyone being at such odds with one another, when they should be celebrating a happy time, what with the impending wedding and all. To that end, Alaric finally congratulates Stefan on said engagement, and says that if anyone can get Damon back to where he was, Stefan can, pointing out he’s done it before.

It’s clear Sybil still has a hold on him, though, as proven by her singing in her cell, which even locked up, reaches Damon’s ears and serves to control him. He imagines meeting with her in person in his head, with Sybil continuing to demand he let go of all his remaining attachments once and for all.

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To that end, she sends him on a quest to do just that, beginning with Tyler (a returning Michael Trevino). Damon once again pulls the whole lying in the road gambit, with Tyler stopping to help, only to discover Damon waiting for him. Tyler goes to shoot him, but Damon wrestles the gun away. Tyler tells him just to walk away, if he knows what’s good for him, but Damon refuses.

Tyler says fine, go ahead and kill him then. If he does, Tyler’s face will haunt him for the rest of his life. But Damon is too bound to Sybil and attacks Tyler anyway. As we fade to black, we see Damon seemingly draining Tyler dry of all his blood- or does he? It seems unlikely that they would bring Tyler back just for that, so I suspect there’s more going on here than meets the eye. The Armory is mentioned, so perhaps Tyler has a secret weapon on hand to defend himself.

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Either way, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Until then, this was a solid enough episode, with lots of action, making it my favorite of the season so far, as it easily had the most going on. The jury’s still out on the effectiveness of Sybil as the Big Bad, but we’ll see about that as well. Perhaps the Devil himself will make an appearance, if the bident is any indication, and prove to be the “real” Big Bad, ultimately.

What did you think about the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”? Are you on board with Sybil yet? Or do you think the Devil himself will turn out to be the actual main villain of the season? Do Stefan and Caroline have a prayer of getting married with all of this stuff going on? Will Georgie be able to handle all that she’s seen? Is Bonnie doomed, now that Enzo’s humanity switch has been flipped? What is Sybil’s next move? Sound off down below and see you next week!