Jane the Virgin “Chapter Forty-Seven” Review (Season 3, Episode 3)

Chapter Forty-Seven

Jane is a virgin no more!

In last night’s episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Michael were finally able to consummate their marriage weeks after they got married.

As viewers know all too well, on their wedding night Michael was shot by his police partner Susanna Barnett, who was actually Rose Solano, the step-mother of Rafael and Luisa, who was also Luisa’s lover as well as the person who killed their father because she is the international criminal known as Sin Rostro.

Jane may have appeared to be happy to finally lose her virginity – even if she faked her orgasm – it was clear when she shared with her mother at the end of the episode that she was more upset about losing it than expected.

Once she and Michael finally got out of their heads (no pun intended since they used that exact line toward each other in the episode), they were finally able to “get their groove” on.

Jane is a virgin no more! And she wants to get rid of that crumpled flower from her childhood. It’s about time, right?

Elsewhere, Xiomara had a chance to audition for The Voice and was asked what she would be doing if she weren’t a singer. That set her to wondering just what she would be doing, even making a list of alternate jobs that Jane found. Do you think Xo would actually give up her dreams of singing?

Rogelio also wants to see his telenovela to crossover into the American market; so much so that he pays a visit to producer (and former girlfriend) Dina Milagro and they go to Los Angeles to meet with executives at The CW – a network that Jane had never heard of before and Dina seemed disinteresting in working with. [No irony there, right?]

What’s more the network executives loved the idea of his telenovela, but they wanted to have Rob Lowe in the lead role. That, of course, upset Rogelio to the point he was going to cash in on his friendship with Gloria and Emilio Estefan, hoping that the power of three would make all the difference. Except, a music executive who Rogelio lined up to listen to Xiomara perform at the Mirabella couldn’t make it so he cashed in on the Estefan friendship for Xo instead of for himself.

Then there is the fact that Rose kidnapped Luisa the night she shot Michael and has kept her basically a prisoner inside a submarine that has been circling the Great Barrier Reef for the past month. But while Rose claimed that she is done with crime and wanted nothing more than to spend her time on a private island with her, Luisa was still frightened of Rose.

In return, Rose allowed Luisa to return to Florida, seeking out her brother Rafael, who immediately brought Michael to her as she recounting all that happened to her while being held by Rose. In the end, Luisa told Michael and Rafael that she saw Rose’s “murder” list and Derek, Rafael’s half-brother, and his mother were on that list. Except Rafael’s mother wasn’t dead until the very last moment when a guard found her dying in her cell. Was that the goal all along with Rose?

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The next new episode of the third season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ will air on The CW on Monday, November 7 at 9/8c.