The Vampire Diaries “Today Will Be Different” Review (Season 8 Episode 2)

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On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” we got to know Sybil the Siren (Nathalie Kelley) a little better, as she tightened her hold on Damon and Enzo, while the rest of the gang did their best to try and save the two from her evil clutches, in “Today Will Be Different.” But did they really want to be saved?

Well, yes and no. As we saw in the previous episode, Enzo was still clutching as best as he could to the last vestiges of his humanity, while at the same time trying to leave hints for Bonnie as to his well-being. In addition, now that Sybil was up and about wreaking havoc on her own, he also had to increase his effort to keep her out of his brain and from discovering about his true love, Bonnie.

Likewise, Damon, though largely bereft of humanity- much more so than Enzo, who had yet to “flip his switch,” as it were- sought refuge in his dreams, where he relived his meeting Elena over and over again; along with other memories of her, one assumes, though that seemed to be his go-to fave. Both were successful in their respective approaches to deflecting Sybil for the time being, but that would change before the episode reached its end.

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Meanwhile, a clue dropped by Enzo in regards to a Sarah Nelson (Tristin Mays)- aka the faux name adopted by the surviving Salvatore that Enzo helped in the past- sent up a red flag to the others, with Stefan immediately knowing who that was and insisting they rush to help her, which they did.

It seems that Sybil recognized that Enzo was holding out on her and tried to figure out what it was, but her best efforts only revealed one name: that of Sarah. As such, she couldn’t help but wonder what was so special about this Sarah, and wasted no time in getting Enzo and Damon to go after her in North Carolina.

Although the gang got there first, and even had some semblance of a plan in place, that all went out the window when Bonnie, who should know better, went rogue and knocked out Enzo and absconded with him and hit the road out of there. In her absence, Damon handily defeated Caroline, putting her out of transaction in the short term, then went after Sarah himself.

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Stefan did his best to talk Damon out of killing her, finally filling him in on who she really was, and would have succeeded, but Sybil arrived and promptly put a stop to all that, attacking Sarah her own self, which ultimately proved fatal, despite Stefan’s best efforts. She also handily disabled Stefan long enough to find out what Damon was hiding from her, which was naturally his memories of Elena.

Inserting herself into said memories and replacing Elena’s visage with her own, she basically made it where Damon mis-remembered his long-standing relationship with Elena as having been with Sybil instead. Now completely at her disposal, Damon was firmly on Team Sybil, seemingly for good, as Stefan no longer saw a trace of humanity left in what had still been his brother, at least to some extent.

In the meantime, Enzo woke up in Bonnie’s car with a raging headache, the result of his getting too far away from Sybil, proving that her hold on him might not have been complete, but it was still strong enough to keep him from going completely astray. As such, Bonnie had no choice but to let him go, lest he quite possibly die as a result of her very attempt to save him.

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Needless to say, no one was happy with her for going rogue, as it might well have cost Sarah her life, though I’m not sure it would have mattered, what with Sybil actually present at the location, and not somewhere else, as they assumed. But as upset as Caroline and Stefan were, that was nothing compared with Sybil herself, who used the now completely at her beck and call Damon to disarm Enzo enough for her to get into his mind for real this time, uncovering his memories of Bonnie in the process.

That’s obviously bad news for Bonnie, who, from the looks of next week’s preview, will be the focus of Sybil’s next attack, which can’t be good. Yep, it’s episode three- must be time to put Bonnie in mortal danger again. Because this show can’t go more than a few episodes without tormenting the poor girl.

Honestly, I know this show is more about the Salvatore brothers, and that’s fine, but if anyone deserves a happy ending after all they’ve been through, it’s Bonnie, right? Mind you, she hasn’t done anything remotely as bad as the brothers have in her past, so why the show seems so hell-fire determined to torture this poor girl is completely beyond me. (If they’re not torturing her, they’re torturing fans with this Benzo nonsense, lol- sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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In other developments, Alaric continued his research on what they discovered in the secret room in the cave. Though the skeleton they found hadn’t been ID’d yet- they’ve dubbed him “Harvey” in the meantime- Alaric did discover a diary in the room, which he’s been reading, finding out some revelations about the Siren, which had also led him to research the same elsewhere, in the historical texts at the Armory.

We also got to know Georgie (Allison Scagliotti) a little better, finding out that she’d once been in a text-driven car accident while under the influence that had almost cost her life- and did claim the life of her best friend, a crime for which she been interred in jail for vehicular manslaughter.

While down for the count, she’d had an afterlife-type experience, in which she thought she’d been in Hell for what she’d done. While there, she’d seen a symbol which she’d never forgotten, even going so far as to get it tattooed on her body, as a constant reminder of what she’d done- and where she might end up when she finally did die.

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So, you can imagine her surprise when she spotted that very same symbol on a page in the diary Alaric was reading. Even crazier, one of the artifacts at the Armory- a two-pronged, fork-like instrument- also had the symbol embedded on it to boot. According to Wikipedia, the item is called a “bident,” and is associated with- you guessed it- Hades, the Lord of the Underworld.

Lucky for them that, since her accident, Georgie has become obsessed with all things Hell and Hell-related, no doubt hoping to find a way to avoid her assumed fiery fate upon death. As such, Alaric put her on “Hell duty,” to find out all she can about said instrument, along with anything Siren-related, as well as anything in the Armory from around the same period as the diary was written, aka pre-1800’s.

Finally, there was the big moment some people have been waiting for- maybe- as Stefan not only moved Caroline into the Salvatore Manor and knocked out a wall to make room for the twins, but went so far as to propose, with Caroline accepting, which allowed for an episode to end on a happy note for once. Well, happy if you’re in favor of this coupling, I guess.

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Personally, this match-up doesn’t really bother me- if anything, I’m sort of indifferent to it. But I will say I have far less of a problem with it than the whole Benzo thing, but I realize others might feel differently about that. From what I can tell, the majority are on my side of things, but Benzo is not completely without their fans, I suppose. For some reason, the Stefoline thing just doesn’t bother me.

I guess because I like Caroline and Stefan most of the time, but Enzo not so much, which makes me a little iffy about the pairing with Bonnie, since I like her a lot. Caroline’s not as fun as she used to be, but I suppose having vampire baby twins and being hunted constantly by crazy villains can do that to you.

That said, I suppose part of me hoped that Bonnie and Damon would end up together, in lieu of Elena’s absence, as the two have always had great chemistry together. But oh well. I guess it’s not meant to be. The show seems determined to have Damon and Elena be the endgame, so I suppose they will get there by any means necessary, even if it means saddling Damon with being a loner until the end of the series.

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Anyway, that was about it for this episode, which was a slight step up for me, personally from the premiere. Not that the premiere was bad, mind you, just more set-up than anything. I absolutely did appreciate the return of Kevin Williamson to the fold, along with his style of humor.

This episode didn’t have a lot of funny stuff- though I did chuckle at Caroline’s description of her mapping out of crime scenes to her boss as “a really dark version of Pinterest,” lol. But what it lacked in laughs, it more than made up for in drama, what with both Damon and Enzo fully under Sybil’s spell now, and the death of Sarah, plus Georgie’s sad back-story. Overall, I liked it.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”? What do you think of Sybil so far as the Big Bad of the moment? What did you make of Georgie’s back-story? What do you think the gang will do to combat Sybil next? Will Bonnie meet her doom at the hands of Damon or Enzo, or Sybil herself? Any predictions for the upcoming episodes, and how Katherine will be incorporated into the proceedings? Sound off down below and see you next week!