Legends of Tomorrow “Shogun” Review (Season 2 Episode 3)

After the thrilling heights of the first two episodes, it’s understandable that Legends of Tomorrow would need to finally scale back for a simpler episode. That’s not to say “Shogun” is a bad episode – it continues to embrace the season’s newfound sense of playfulness – but the show is obviously going to have episodes that use less of the show’s budget. This is definitely one of those.

Again, the show doesn’t need amazing effects and complex sets to impress, but those elements do help elevate things. Visually, there’s not a lot to get excited about when the majority of an episode takes place in a field, even if that field is filled with samurai and ninjas. On the plus side, the fight choreography this week is a step up, with far more hand-to-hand combat and less reliance on the rainbow of energy beams used by the Legends.

With the setting simple, then, it falls to the character interactions and developments to buoy the episode. For the most part, this proves successful. The show does a solid job of introducing Vixen as a permanent team member. She provides a new heavy hitter to the team’s structure, while also quickly developing bonds with Mick and Sara on top of her connection to Ray from last week. The show is less successful with Nate, who’s braggadocio upon receiving powers makes him a little too obnoxious to full sympathize with. Probably shouldn’t be thinking a main character deserves a stab in the gut, is all I’m saying.

Now, let’s talk about Ray, and what his future might possibly be on the team. These first few episodes have leaned hard into his sense of inadequacy without the Atom suit, which has mostly seemed to be going nowhere. However, by following through on actually destroying the suit, the show is positioning Ray to actually do something about that self-doubt. Assumedly, it’ll mean he plans to just learn how to fight, but my main hope is that we’ll finally get an Atom suit a little closer to the comics.

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