The Flash “The New Rogues” Review (Season 3 Episode 4)

It’s honestly kind of crazy how long it took The Flash to introduce Mirror Master. He’s easily one of the biggest members of the Rogues, arguably among the most iconic behind Captain Cold and Weather Wizard. And yet, it’s only here in season three that the show is getting around to old Sam Scudder. Seriously, we got the Rainbow Raider and the Turtle before of the Scarlet Speedster’s most interesting enemies. So, did “The New Rogues” provide the long-overdue character with a solid showpiece? Eh.

Now, that’s not to say this was a bad episode; in fact, it’s easily the best of the new season, with a classic first season feel and lots of great interplay between the characters. However, our main villain – villains, including The Top – failed to make a huge impression. His search for vengeance against Leonard Snart was a pretty flimsy motivation, and he never really evolved into a more compelling figure.

In fairness to the character, a lot of this comes from his not really appearing in much of the episode. Between Cisco and Harry searching the multiverse for a replacement Wells, Barry and Iris’ relationship woes, and Jesse’s training as a speedster, this was a full episode, with Mirror Master feeling incidental in a lot of it. Hopefully, the character will return in the future and get a bigger role; with Snart gone, someone needs to go about actually assembling the Rogues.

As for those other plotlines, most of them worked well. The highlight, as is frequently the case, was the one involving Harry, with his search for another Wells to replace him after he and Jesse return home providing a great arc for the character. Last season saw him slowly grow closer to the STAR Labs team, which leaves him defensive at the thought that they can replace him so easily. It also gives the show a chance to go broad with a series of ridiculous alternate Harrisons. They finally land on HR, but the preview for next week suggests he might not be around for that long.

The other arcs focused on romantic arcs, one of which is fresh and exciting, the other of which is Barry and Iris. The season is now four-for-four on episodes about how awkward the relationship between the latter two is, which is exhausting given how much time the show spent arguing they belong together. Either let them be happy or end the relationship, just commit. We lost Patty Spivot for this, so make it worth it.

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