Supergirl “Welcome to Earth” Review (Season 2 Episode 3)

Superman may have flown back to Metropolis, but Supergirl proved again that the Man of Steel isn’t the main reason the show has improved so much in the second season. Though “Welcome to Earth” once again featured a weak villain, the character work and humor more than make up for that small deficit, adding new layers of depth to characters new and old. It reminds a lot of the early days of The Flash, which was filled with lame metas, but stood as the best superhero show on TV nonetheless.

The truth is, the villains matter in as far as they can provide solid action, but what gives those fights the emotional stakes is how connected we are to the characters taking part in them. To that end, this episode did a great job of fleshing out our newcomers this season, even as it introduced more new faces still.

Snapper Carr is a curmudgeon, but it’s clear he cares about his job, even if his arrogance leads him to undermine James. Really, he works because you know he’s a great reporter, and though harsh, he’s training Kara to be a great one herself. Lena, meanwhile, is perhaps a bit too chummy with Kara already, but their burgeoning friendship has the chance of recalling the Clark/Lex relationship that powered much of Smallville.

Mon-El, meanwhile, finally woke from his slumber, and we got a whole bunch of info about National City’s newest alien refugee. Though he’s actually a Daxamite, his similar appearance and power set to Superman can’t be a coincidence, and he seems set to give Kara a similarly powered ally. Of course, she first has to get over a bit of speciesism given the troubled history between Daxam and Krypton, but there’s never any doubt she’ll bury that hatchet.

Really, though, I’m burying the lede here, because the clear winner from tonight’s episode was new cast member Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer, Alex’s new detective friend. Acting as the perfect foil for the uptight Alex, Sawyer is an immediately engaging presence. She’s someone who serves not only as a connection to National City’s underground alien population, but possibly even a love interest to Alex. There’s clear chemistry between the two, and Alex’s romantic life has never been a plot point before, so it could easily happen.

In fact, a relationship between the two would serve as a great reflection to this episode’s – and the show’s – message of acceptance and diversity. Similarly, I’m loving the way this season is further developing the idea of Earth as a planet for refugee aliens. It provides a natural source of enemies now that Fort Roz is no longer an issue, and it gives the set-up for great stories, such as tonight’s presidential amnesty – featuring former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter as POTUS. It also leads to the arrival of the second Martian in the form of M’gann M’orzz. More on that next week.

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