‘Good Witch’ (Season 3): Cassie Knows Best

Good Witch

As has become tradition with the Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch franchise – both the made-for-movie franchise and now the weekly TV series – Halloween is an important time of year for the residents of Middleton especially its central character Cassie Nightingale.

It has also become clear that Cassie tends to know things before they happen. That doesn’t make her right about everything, but she certainly seems to know best before everyone else.

Case in point Cassie’s magical cousin Abigail, who has a way to whip up trouble wherever she goes. Abigail isn’t a bad witch, per se, but she does tend to make bad decision. Such was the current case of Abigail dating three men at the same time. Her victims (if you will) are Brian, Carl and Dennis. Three men that she clearly likes; men who obviously like her – that is until they are all mysteriously brought together by the latest town event – transforming Middleton into the fictional village of Tarynsville based on the books by visiting author Jessica Carrington.

Cassie tried to warn her cousin – as only Cassie can – that dating three men at once was a poor life choice; but Abigail didn’t listen. In the end, she learned her lesson the hard way when all three men ended up not only staying at Grey House but also learning at the same time that they were each supposed to be her date for the big event. Needless to say, they all walked away from that relationship, leaving Abigail all by herself. Will she learn her lesson…we shall see.

Then there was the suggestion that Cassie made to Stephanie in regards to the special dessert – known as mupcakes in the land of Tarynsville – that she was going to create for the big event. The combination was unusual to say the least and Stephanie was convinced they wouldn’t work together until the author Jessica and her editor Sean sat down for a taste-testing. And, of course, they loved the exact combination that Cassie suggested. Surprise, surprise!

And, in another long-running tradition, Cassie loves to give out gifts to the people closest to her that always play an important part in helping that person with whatever situation they seem to find themselves in. This time around, Mayor Martha Tinsdale broke her small hand-held mirror and Cassie gave her a replacement. That replacement helped Martha find the perfect place for the book reading to be held – even though it ended up leading them to a presumed dead end.

Sure, the stories contained within the movies, and now the TV series, of Good Witch are family friendly filled with whimsy and its fair share of magic – not to mention product placement for Ford’s Warriors in Pink – it is nice to know that Cassie does seem to know best.

What did you think of Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House? Did you like it as much as the other Halloween specials for the franchise? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The official start of the third season of ‘Good Witch’ has yet to be announced by the Hallmark Channel, but it is expected back sometime in Spring 2017.