Supernatural “Mamma Mia” Review (Season 12, Episode 2)

My grandmother used to say that you catch more flies with sugar than you do with salt. When I was a kid, I thought she meant that literally. But after I grew up a bit, I realized what she actually meant. Basically, it’s much easier to get what you want if you’re nice than if you’re mean. Apparently, there are a few people in the Supernatural universe who could’ve used my grandmother’s advice. Lady Toni stepped up her efforts to get information from Sam, and we found out a bit more about her true motives. Like I said in my review of last week’s episode, the BMoL do not seem to be interested in an actual partnership with American hunters. Toni, and ostensibly all the other BMoL, believe hunters to be nothing more than mindless tools to be used for their own purposes. She has no regard for them at all, and believes them to be no better than the monsters they hunt. In some cases, that may be true. But for the most part, hunters are just doing the best they can to stand between humanity and all the things that want to eat them. Apparently, that’s not enough for dear old Lady Toni. In addition to believing hunters to be “mindless apes,” she believes that the American hunter ranks have somehow been compromised. She doesn’t appear to have any evidence to support this belief, and it raises the questions of how and why she’s convinced of American hunter malfeasance. It is no doubt due to her prejudices against hunters in general and the Winchesters in particular. The irony in all of that is, she’s the one torturing and kidnapping the guy who literally just helped save the world. She’s the one who drugged and hexed Sam in order to psychologically assault him and manipulate him into giving her information. She’s the one who was making Sam watch while she tortured his brother. So you have to ask yourself, who is the real monster in this situation?

Toni’s determination to end American hunters still doesn’t explain where the BMoL have been for the last fifty-eight years. The American MoL have been out of commission all this time, and in the interim, hunters have stepped up to do what they can to save and protect people. They’ve done so with little to no resources, even fewer governmental connections, and only a loosely affiliated network. They’ve sacrificed their lives and their happiness for the lives and happiness of others, and the BMoL have been doing what again? Oh right. Sitting back watching the world burn and blaming the Winchesters for it. Mick (who I don’t believe can be trusted either) did try to defend the Winchesters a little. He pointed out that whatever their faults may be, the Winchesters have had their fair share of victories too. Which is an understatement considering they’ve saved the world no less than three times while Toni and her crew were drinking tea and being judgmental. The bottom line is, the BMoL are arrogant and prejudiced, but they’re making a mistake in underestimating the Winchesters. They may believe Sam and Dean to be mindless apes, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even before Sam and Dean found the resources of the bunker, they were smart, resourceful hunters. The information in the bunker has simply helped them become even better at something they were already really good at.

The search for Sam also led to some pretty nice moments between Mary and Dean and Mary and Sam. Dean admitted that he’s having a bit of a hard time relating to his mother even though he’s extremely glad that she’s there. He’s lived most of his life without her, so she’s a stranger to him. Furthermore, he doesn’t feel like he can do his job and protect her at the same time. Mary tried to take that weight off his shoulders, but it just goes to show that she doesn’t know Dean at all. It doesn’t matter that she’s capable of taking care of herself. Dean knows she is. But it doesn’t negate the fact that to him, she’s still his responsibility. He wouldn’t be Dean Winchester if he felt otherwise.

Mary also admitted to Dean that she’s worried about facing Sam for the first time. She feels guilty about bringing Azazel into their lives, and she feels especially guilty because of what Azazel did to Sam. However, it seems that her worry was unfounded. Sam is just thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know his mom. Unlike Dean, Sam never had the opportunity to know Mary at all. It’s a blank he’s never been able to fill in, and he’s always lamented the fact that he missed out on having a mom. Now that he’s got that opportunity, it means so much more to him than he’ll ever be able to express. That’s not to say that he’s not nervous or a bit uncomfortable around her. He is. She’s still a stranger at this point. Mary is nervous too, and she’s also sad that she missed out on all the “mom stuff.” But they’re reaching out for each other because at the end of the day, Mary is still Sam’s mom.

While all of that was going on with the Winchesters, Lucifer was securing himself a new vessel and Crowley was securing assistance to return Lucifer to The Cage. He tracked down Rowena, who was hilariously trying to secure herself a rich husband, and essentially blackmailed her into helping him track and re-cage Lucifer. Crowley wants to return to his post as King of Hell, but he can’t do that with Lucifer running loose. So it makes sense he would recruit the only person alive who could return Lucifer to his cell. He actually had a good plan too. It’s just too bad for Crowley that apparently Luci finally found a vessel that’s actually capable of holding him. The whole scene of Crowely and Rowena attempting to separate Lucifer from his vessel and return his essence to The Cage was actually really well done. We saw Luci’s unbroken wings and an exhibition of his power. Now, thanks to their failed plan, both Rowena and Crowley are in some seriously hot water.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m extremely bummed that they didn’t tap Mark Pellegrino to come back and play Lucifer. He’s fantastic in the role, and he’s always going to be my Luci. That being said, Rick Springfield did a fine job. I’m not overly familiar with any of his work in music or television, so I had no opinion about him one way or the other prior to the episode. Although he’s no Pellegrino, his work was solid. I am pretty disappointed that the show didn’t come up with a more original method of Lucifer convincing the vessel to say yes. The way Luci convinced Vincent is the exact same way he convinced Nick to say yes at the beginning of season five. I suppose you could argue that Luci adheres to the old adage if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It worked last time and it’ll probably work again. However, it seems like the real answer is the writers just didn’t bother coming up with a more original way for Luci to occupy his new vessel. That’s disappointing.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. Some of the dialog was clunky and way too on the nose, but I’ve come to expect that from this particular writing team. It wasn’t as bad as it’s been in the past, so I’ll count it as a win. The last scene between Dean, Sam and Mary was a really nice family moment. Especially when she suggested they “call the internet” to find out more about the BMoL. I’m also kind of looking forward to seeing how the new Team Winchester will work together. I haven’t completely made up my mind about Mary’s return, but so far, I don’t really have any complaints. Lady Toni is seriously a piece of work, and I’m looking forward to her getting knocked down several pegs. Her treatment of Sam is unnecessarily cruel, and I hope she’s called to answer for it. Also, I’m thinking she’s not as smart as she believes herself to be if she figured she could break either Sam or Dean. Even when she was messing with Sam’s mind, he didn’t give her any information because he’s just that strong. Not to mention that both Sam and Dean have been tortured in Hell. Sam by Lucifer himself and Dean by master torturer Alistair. What made Toni think she had anything on Lucifer or Alistair? But that doesn’t mean she gets a pass for hurting my boys. Like I said, I’m looking forward to her getting hers. So what did y’all think of this week’s Supernatural?