‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2- A Double Dose of Justice!

LOT 14

This season on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” the show basically opts for a complete reboot of the premise, which makes a fair amount of sense, given that the first season story-line was basically wrapped up anyway, and the stage already set for a new one.

Factor in certain cast members leaving the show, at least for the time being (Wentworth Miller, Ciara Renée, Falk Hentschel, aka Captain Cold, Hawkgirl and Hawkman), and the fact that the main villain was eliminated- technically three times, no less- and the somewhat lukewarm response to the show in general from critics and comic fans alike, and you can see why they’d want to do so as well.

To that end, there’s a host of new faces this time out, for better or worse, on a show that was already pushing it, TBH, in terms of how many different characters one had to keep up with as it was. Don’t get me wrong, in this Brave New World of TV superhero shows tying into movies- see Marvel- and group efforts like “The Avengers,” “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Justice League of America,” to a certain extent we’re already predisposed to such things, but this show is really pushing the boundaries of that by adding an entire secondary team to the proceedings, that’s for sure.


On the Season Premiere, we were introduced to The Justice Society of America- deep breath, y’all- Stargirl (Sarah Grey, “Power Rangers”), Obsidian (Dan Payne, “Watchmen”), Commander Steel (Matthew MacCaull, “Tomorrowland”), Dr. Mid-Nite (Kwesi Ameyaw, “Man of Steel”) and Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”).

In addition, Hourman (Patrick J. Adams, “Suits”) was introduced on last season’s finale, and in the premiere, a new member to the main team was added in Dr. Nate Heywood (Nick Zano, FOX’s short-lived “Minority Report”), later-to-be-known-as Citizen Steel. Got all that?

You can certainly understand where some people, particularly those less versed in comics than others, would be hesitant to venture into these crowded waters, lest they drown in the sea of characters they were expected to keep up with, to say nothing of the ones they already had to contend with.


So, if the idea was to attract new viewers, I’m not so sure the gambit will work, but then, I can’t imagine non-superhero fans wading into these waters in the first place, so there you go. In short, rather than trying to recruit new followers to the fold, the CW is instead doubling-down on preaching to the choir, as it were. Interesting approach, but not an entirely un-understandable one, either.

After all, at this point, CW has the following already on the air: “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Supergirl.” That makes almost half their given output of the superhero variety, and people who like this stuff tend to be all-in or nothing, so going even deeper on densely populating the universe they’ve started may not be as terrible an idea as it seems on paper to the non-affiliated, which is to say, the laypeople who don’t care about comics, superheroes and movies and shows about the same in the first place.

By saying without having to that they’re not even going to try and get people who wouldn’t watch the show in the first place to watch by simple virtue of adding all these new people to the fold, the CW is offering up full-on fan service to the die-hards by going strong on the mythos of the DC-verse. On a certain level, I get it, even if it will almost certainly scare away any fly-by-night fans who are hesitant to watch this in the first place. Why bother at this point, really?


So, let’s instead shift to the new plot at hand. This season’s approach is to have the main team attempt to assume the mantle of the Time Masters, the shadowy organization eliminated in Season One that had taken it upon themselves to play God and manipulate historical events to their liking to fall in line with their essentially nefarious plans to put the villainous Vandal Savage (the scenery-chewing Casper Crump, who will be missed) in charge of the world.

With those major threats taken out, the Legends found themselves with a new task at hand, making sure time unfolded the way it was “supposed” to. All was going relatively well until two things happened: they ran afoul of Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough, reprising his role from previous appearances on this show, as well as “Arrow” and “The Flash”), who Sara (Caity Lotz) held personally responsible for her sister’s death; and a run-in with the aforementioned JSA, who had already warned the team to stay out of Germany circa 1942 via Hourman on the last season’s finale and aren’t too happy to have been ignored.

This should lead to an all-out brawl between the two respective teams on tonight’s episode, airing October 10th, and entitled, appropriately enough “The Justice Society of America,” which should be interesting, not to mention full-on fan bait personified. Is there anything fanboys and girls like more than an all-out brawl between a host of superheroes, using their powers to beat the ever-loving crap out of one another? (Well, okay, unless it’s called “Batman v. Superman”- though to be fair, that’s only a mere two superheroes, not teams of them.)

LOT 10

As for whether that will result in increased ratings, we’ll just have to wait and see, but so far, the show has been struggling a bit in that department, with only 1.84 million people tuning in to the last episode- the second lowest-rated episode of the show ever, and mind you, it was the premiere.

Granted, to be fair, the ratings for all the superhero shows are down this season thus far, though “Supergirl” debuted strong, albeit with considerably less numbers than it garnered on CBS, who, lest we forget, cancelled the show. Maybe this match-up is just the shot in the arm “LOT” needs, and if not, then there’s always the upcoming epic crossover before the year’s out, which will involve all four superhero shows on the CW. Take that, Marvel!

Okay, so maybe Marvel, which has been killing it lately, TBH, isn’t exactly quaking in their boots, especially with the DC movie-verse on such shaky ground ever since Christopher Nolan hung up the old Bat-cape (though some might say it started even before that). But with the promising-looking “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League of America” on the immediate horizon, maybe they will steal some of Marvel’s thunder yet.

LOT 12

It doesn’t hurt that they beat Marvel to the gate with the first female-centric superhero flick, which Marvel really should have done ages ago with the Black Widow character- after all, Scarlett Johansson is one of the most bankable actresses in Hollywood, and who doesn’t love that character? Still, DC has a long way to go until they come close to Marvel’s level of quality on the big screen.

The good news is that they are killing it on the small screen. I like all of DC’s shows currently airing, even the much-lambasted “Gotham,” which, if anything, is good for a fun, completely mental time, especially when it’s THIS close to flying entirely off the rails, which is more often than not.

That said, “LOT” is a fun show in its own right, insanely big cast and all, and I’d hate to lose it, even if it can be erratic in quality at times. The cast, past and present, is pretty solid, and for there to be so many characters, it really does do an adept job at juggling them all and giving everyone ample time to shine. Whether it continues to do so with all these new characters remains to be seen, but for now, at least, I’m in.

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What did you think of the premiere of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”? Were you excited to see the Justice Society of America? Or do you think there is such a thing as too much of a good thing? Which character are you most excited about them adding? What do you think about the whole “LOT”-as-the-new-Time-Masters thing? How about Dr. Heywood? Were you glad to see Stephen Amell cropping up in the premiere? Would you like to see any of the old characters return? Any hopes for the new season? Sound off down below, and join me for a check-in next month!