Blindspot “Her Spy’s Harmed” Review (Season 2, Episode 5)

Her Spy's Harmed

“What happens in Bulgaria, stays in Bulgaria.”

At least that’s the hope for viewers of Blindspot, right? Or maybe I am alone in that thought. After watching last night’s episode, I will be amazed if other viewers don’t have feel the same as me.

What just happened?!!

Right in the middle of a case – in Bulgaria, going after a man, Douglas Winter, wanted for treason against the United States government – Nas Kamal makes a move on Kurt Weller and they have sex right before a group of heavily armed men break into the FBI safe house, where they are hiding out.

What the hell??! Is anyone else troubled by that? They are in the middle of a freaking case; that is not the time for hanky panky. It’s the time for them to do their job, not do each other. What in the world are the writers thinking, having them hook up?

Is anyone else troubled by that direction in the story?

That’s not the only questionable act by a member of the FBI team. In the opening scene, picking up where last week’s episode left us, Zapata found Reade standing over the dead body of Coach Jones, who had been repeatedly stabbed to death.

And what do they do? They not only flee the scene but they also do their best to cover up the fact that they were present at the crime scene as well as hide the video tape that Reade was just about ready to watch when he heard a noise upstairs that led to his discovering Jones dead on the floor.

This isn’t going to be good for either of them…

Elsewhere in the story, Roman contacted Jane about “THE” big mission by Sandstorm: stealing a microchip from Bradley Dynamics. A microchip that will be “the beginning of the end” so stated Roman. But what exactly does Sandstorm have planned? What is the end result of this mission? Are we ever going to get answers to what Sandstorm intends to do or are we going to be lead along for the entire season?

And, for that matter, does Jane really think that she can turn her brother Roman against Shepherd? After all he has basically been brainwashed from a young age into the ideology of Sandstorm; and Jane thinks in the short time since she’s been reunited with her – until now – unknown brother, that she can turn him that easily. I just don’t see that happening. And how about that reveal that it was Roman and Shepherd who went after Douglas Winter, turning him into the patsy that he is. Again, what in the world is their end game with all these twists and turns?

Then there is the whole relationship between Borden and Patterson. It’s great to see them together – they both deserve some happiness – but I can’t stop that little voice in the back of my mind that says, “Can Borden truly be trusted?” I don’t want to hear that question over and over again in my mind, but it keeps coming up every week. Oh, and the best part, Patterson found Nas’s bug in the overhead light in Borden’s private therapy room. What is Weller going to do with that information?

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you believe that Jane can turn Roman? Do you trust Borden? Do you think the team is going to learn about Weller and Nas’s “time” in Bulgaria? Will what happens in Bulgaria, stay in Bulgaria? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Blindspot’ will air on NBC next Wednesday, October 26 at 8/7c.