Scream Queens “Halloween Blues” Review (Season 2 Episode 4)

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On the latest episode of “Scream Queens,” the hospital staff held a Halloween party at Munsch’s behest, in order to draw out the Green Meanie Killer, as Chanel mourned the loss of her beloved Chad and ran afoul of one disappointment after another, in the aptly-titled “Halloween Blues.” But would Munsch’s ploy work- or would it backfire, resulting in yet another death- or even more?

We began with Chanel in classic over-reaction mode, as she both said her goodbyes to Chad and tried her best to make herself the center of the attention in the process, even going so far as to don a Jackie Kennedy Halloween costume she ran back to her place to get and put on in her “grief.” (Nice call-back to last season, BTW- the first of several on the episode.)

Meanwhile, Munsch, as ever, sought to cover Chad’s death and its association with the hospital up, pointing out that it actually broke the pattern of the killer thus far, as Chad wasn’t a patient, unlike all the other victims. Could it be because it wasn’t the Green Meanie Killer? (Totally, because it was a jealous Dr. Holt, I’m convinced.)

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Denise sent everyone out of the room, ostensibly to examine the body, but it was actually to say goodbye to her beloved Chad. As she did so, we got a hilarious look back at her and Chad role-playing with a “Brokeback Mountain” theme. Later on, we would also get an “American Beauty”-themed one, to boot, allowing the show to give Chad one last amusing send-off in the process.

Afterwards, Denise and Munsch went to talk to Hester, trying to get some more information out of her about the killer. While she refused to give up his or her name, she did give them a solid idea: throw another Halloween party, in an attempt to lure the killer out, using the hospital staff as bait.

Chad’s last will and testament was then read by his Estate lawyer, and we got some other shocking news: when Chad’s family learned of Chad’s intent to marry Chanel, they all flew back to the area to try and stop him, only to get into a horrific plane crash that wiped out the entire family in one fell swoop.

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As such, Chad’s will not only included his fortune, but his entire family’s. Chanel naturally assumed it would go to her, even though, as Chanel #3 pointed out, they hadn’t officially tied the knot, but as it turned out, it was actually surprisingly left to Munsch and the hospital, for “reasons known to her.”

Even more interestingly, Chad made the last-minute change the day he died, on the fly. But why? My best guesses: either Chad was blackmailed into doing so, or forced to do it under duress, possibly by either Munsch or Dr. Holt, or perhaps both working together. Note all the guilty looks Munsch had throughout the episode, and the reveal later on that she and Brock had supposedly been together at the time of Chad’s murder.

Chanel was not happy, attacking the lawyer and punching him repeatedly, until the girls pulled her off of him. Lucky for her, he opted to not press charges, chalking it up to “grief.” Later on, she would also voice suspicion of foul play on Munsch’s end to Denise, then to Munsch herself, along with Brock, at least until Munsch vouched for him, but it was awfully convenient for my tastes.

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After that, we got a repeat of another Season One motif, the insanity that is “Chanel-O-Ween.” This time around, Chanel gave her clueless followers “gifts” of medical waste and body parts of cadavers from the hospital! Despite her vicious verbal attacks on each and every one, intended to show them how much she hated them, they instead were beside themselves, thrilled with the attention. (“I am garbage!” said one girl, grinning maniacally.)

This insanity actually landed Chanel on the covers of various magazines, including, amusingly, “Unpaid Medical Intern Monthly,” in spite of her worst intentions. What was last time around meant as a tweaking of a Taylor Swift gift-giving barrage she did a few years back, making sure to film it all for posterity, instead became a more pointed, sardonic commentary this time on how, even when certain celebrities treat their fans like crap, they still come back for more, i.e. Justin Beiber’s long-suffering “Beliebers” and the like.

Karma’s even more of a bitch than Chanel, though, and it came for her in the guise of a rash all over her body, which in turn led Brock to prescribe a colloidal silver concoction to cure it. Despite her inherent knowledge that it was a dubious cure, she took it anyway, and paid the price when she woke up and found all the skin on her body had turned blue!

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The question is, was this Brock’s intention, or, as he claims, was it someone else messing with his medications behind his back? Given his complete and utter lack of worry and intention on addressing Chanel’s issue with any sort of expediency, I would have to say the former. Might he also be trying to set up Chanel to be killed by the Green Meanie, once her “incurable” situation is cured?

The night before Halloween, as Denise is decorating the hospital for the upcoming Halloween party, the lights go out and she is attacked by the Green Meanie. However, Denise isn’t one to be trifled with, and after slamming the Meanie around a bit, she pulls out her gun and fires several shots at him/her.

I guess marksmanship isn’t her strong suit, because it would seem that she missed her would-be killer every single time, even at close range initially. Alas, he/she escapes shortly thereafter, though Denise would later no doubt come to regret letting the killer get away, given what happens.

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Denise then makes the dubious decision to let Hester attend the party after all, albeit with an ankle bracelet to make sure she doesn’t set foot off the premises. She gives her a “Jason” costume to wear, but Hester balks at this, instead opting to dress up as Ivanka Trump! (Or, at least, a Funhouse mirror, creepy version of her, I should say.)

Denise then meets up with Chanel, who voices her concerns about Munsch being involved with the murder of Chad somehow. Denise doesn’t disagree, but, as ever, thinks she was in cahoots with…you guessed it, the “Shay-Day” Zayday. Chanel suggests they try to contact Chad via an Ouija board, and the two agree to meet up later to do so.

After confronting Munsch and Holt with her suspicions as well, she announces that she’s done with the hospital and won’t be attending the party after all. No sooner does she storm out than she’s attacked by Hester, in her Ivanka guise. Though injured, Chanel manages to get away, and goes back to her place, where the girls bandage her up.

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After describing her attacker, the other girls stare at Chanel #5, who, as it turns out, had planned to dress up as Ivanka for Halloween. When they go to check her closet for the outfit, they discover it’s missing, and immediately accuse her of attacking Chanel.

She denies it, of course, but the other girls warn her that if she shows up at the party, it will be the last thing she does. Given what happens to her later, I guess she should have listened to them after all, but naturally she doesn’t.

At the party, we see everyone’s amusing costume choices, which include Zayday as Isis, but not “that one”; Chamberlain as Mario, as in the videogame character; Cassidy as Ryan Lochte; Denise as Daenerys Targaryen, of “Game of Thrones” fame, complete with a tiny dragon on her shoulder; and Munsch as “Hamilton,” as in the play, which, as we will see shortly, is the costume of choice this Halloween to an almost absurd degree. (I also loved that Denise called her “Dean Crunch ‘n’ Munch,” lol.)

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Chanel decides if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and opts to go as Smurfette, rolling with her blue hue to the best of her abilities. When Chanel #5 shows up after all, we see that she was actually dressed as Ivana, not Ivanka Trump, though the latter makes an appearance as well, via Hester.

Before they can get to the bottom of the “extra” Trump on the premises, the elevator signals an outpouring of unexpected patients by the dozens, all of whom seem to be hallucinating wildly and vomiting their guts out left and right.

Holt, once again, misdiagnoses the situation, thinking it to be Ergot poisoning, which is what the little girls at Salem had when they accused people of being witches back in the day. Luckily, Zayday gets to the bottom of it, finding out from a partygoer that was unaffected that it wasn’t the apples they were diving for that were tainted, as Holt thought, but the water itself, which a girl dressed as Snow White saw the Green Meanie switch out at one point.

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It turns out the water was dosed with DMT, the active ingredient in Ayahuasca, which causes hallucinations and puking. Rather than trying a solution that Holt suggested that could have done a whole lot of people irreparable harm, she simply says they need to “ride it out” and all will be well in time. No wonder Holt lost his license to practice at one point- he’s either a terrible physician, or completely psychotic.

Back at Chanel’s apartment, she and Denise take a stab at communicating with Chad via an Ouija board. It works almost immediately, as Chad answers a question through the board that only Chanel knew the answer to: the name of his goat, Rammy. Chad then possesses Denise to talk directly to Chanel, telling her he’s in Heaven and is golf buddies with Jesus (!) and that, in fact, he did love Denise more than he loved her, as Denise had claimed earlier.

He also asks Chanel to kill his beloved pet goat, so that they can be reunited and it can meet Jesus! Chanel then asks Chad who killed him and he goes to answer her, saying that the revelation will tick her off as much as it did him, which would seem to lend credence to it being either Holt of Munsch, but Zayday interupts and breaks Chad’s hold on Denise before he can tell her who did it.

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Meanwhile, Chanel #5 is going to leave the party when she runs afoul of Hester, who threatens her with a knife. Chanel #5 seems to talk her down from doing anything, but, as we see, it’s because the Green Meanie is right behind Chanel #5. The killer promptly stabs Chanel #5, as a pleased Hester walks away, leaving her to bleed to death.

Zayday realizes all too late that the party foul with the drugged water wasn’t meant to be deadly- only a distraction- but from what? Denise stumbles across Chanel #5 calling for help on the floor and goes to her aid, but when she goes to get help she runs into the Green Meanie again, and this time, he/she means business.

Tossing a bowl of punch on Denise, much to her confusion, he then turns on a defibrillator and repeatedly uses the paddles on her until Denise falls to the ground dead. As Chanel #5 continues to call for help to no avail, the Green Meanie leaves the scene of the crime, and we potentially lose two major cast members in one fell swoop.

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Of course, my guess is that Chanel #5 will live, but I do think Denise is down for the count, which would explain her increased presence in this episode, not to mention her getting a lot of the funniest lines. That’s too bad, as she was one of the most amusing characters on the show, but the show can’t resist tormenting poor Chanel #5 in spite of itself.

So, my feeling is that she’ll live to tell the tale of what happened yet again, though I wouldn’t expect anyone to believe her, as per usual. Instead, it will only serve to make her look that much more guilty, having survived yet another attack from the killer. As ever, Chanel #5 can’t win for losing.

RIP Denise- you will definitely be missed. That makes two major characters to bite it in a row, seemingly showing that the show isn’t playing around this season, which is a relief after all the relative unknowns to bite it earlier in the season. (Not unknown in terms of the actors playing them, of course, but rather in terms of their being known characters.)

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That said, I don’t know that they will kill another biggie in the next episode, after killing two back-to-back, so it will probably be at least a few more weeks before they go there again- if they do. If I had to guess, I’d say that they will indeed kill another major character before the season’s done, just not right away.

This was, as ever, a fun episode, with plenty of quotable dialogue and great scenes, and a worthy send-off to one of the show’s best characters, Denise, as well as a nice little send-off to another one, via one last blast of Chad before he shuffles off this mortal coil for good to play golf with Jesus forevermore. I also loved all the cool costumes and the over-abundance of Hamiltons!

As per usual, I’ll end my review with a list of the songs used- big props for the Sheena Easton– and a list of some of my favorite quotes. There were a lot this time around, so I had to narrow it down some for space, lest this review go ridiculously longer than it already is. Let me know down in the comments below if I missed one of your favorites!

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Song List

“You”– Frida Sundemo (during the Chanel montage)

“Rhythm of the Night”– DeBarge (as Denise puts up decorations at the hospital)

“C’est La Vie”– Robbie Nevil (during the hospital Halloween party)

“Strut”– Sheena Easton (plays at the party most everyone is dosed with drugs at)

Scream Queens 16

Favorite Quotes

Chanel, proving her grief over Chad is “better” than anyone else’s: “I mean, did anyone else here think to change into a costume with a subtle Jackie Kennedy leitmotif to show that the passing of Chad Radwell is a major event in our nation’s history?”

Denise, on her reasoning for clearing the room to be alone with Chad’s body: “I lied- this ain’t FBI protocol. In fact, it’s against FBI protocol and everything I learned at Quantico and from watching the TV show Quantico.” (ABC must be loving all these shout-outs!)

Chanel, disputing Chad’s will to Denise: “You can steal my man, with your ample booty and admittedly beautiful weave, but I will not allow you to take the money he obviously left for me so I can be rich enough for everyone to like me again.”

Chanel, disputing the will again: “This whole thing stinks worse than Number 5’s lululemons after a 2-hour Pilates class- and Dean Munsch, you’re the crotch!”

Denise, on Chad’s sexual relations with Chanel: “He told me on numerous occasions that having sex with you was like banging a disinterested piece of plywood!”

Chanel, calling out Chanel #3’s reasoning of her “blue” state being Egyptian in nature: “I would love to know how a society that died out over a 100 years ago is relevant to the fact that I am the color of an Icy Pop!”

Denise’s knowledge of the horror classic “Halloween”: “I know that Mike Myers played the bad guy. It was, like, the movie he did after Wayne’s World.”

Denise, comparing her own physique to Chanel’s: “My body is…’woman.’ Yours is ‘malnourished Victorian paperboy’.”

Denise, during her “American Beauty”-themed role playing with Chad: “It’s a good thing this tub is filled with rose petals, ’cause that way you can’t smell my toots.”

Scream Queens 17

Munsch, giving Chanel a reason why Chad seemed to lean more towards middle-aged women for sexual satisfaction: “Perhaps it’s because you insist on ‘Snapchatting’ during sex?”
Chanel: “It was just the one time!”

Chanel, on Ivanka Trump: “She’s an inspiration to us all. She’s like the Chelsea Clinton from a parallel universe if Hitler won the second World War.”

Brock, explaining his costume to Denise: “I’m the script to Batman vs. Superman.”
Denise: “You look like a bloody mess.”
Brock: “Exactly.”

Chanel #5, on Ivanka Trump: “Who names their kid after their wife and just adds a random letter?” (Funny, because it’s true!)

Chanel #5, on the similarities between Ivanka Trump and Smurfette: “I mean, they’re sort of both similar in that they’re both token women who are used as pawns and live in a fantasy world… I mean, [Ivanka] could literally be appointed Minister of Propaganda any second now!”

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Well, that about does it for this week. See you next time, and thanks for reading!