The Flash “Magenta” Review (Season 3 Episode 3)

There’s still a good bit of angst creeping its way through The Flash, which is a shame to report given that the show seemed primed to move past it after last week’s episode. Fortunately, “Magenta” shifts most of that angst off of our main character, meaning that this episode is at least a step in a lighter, happier direction.

Let’s just go ahead and get the negatives out of the way first, as it mostly boils down to Wally’s self-pity. I understand that he’s jealous of all the other metas on the team – learning about Caitlin certainly won’t help – but it’s hard to sympathize with how desperate he is, at least not after he insanely throws himself into traffic to try and trigger some hidden speed. At the very least, the end of the episode suggests that a big part of Wally’s sudden desire for powers might be because of Alchemy and Flashpoint.

While Wally’s moping doesn’t thrill, the reason for his sudden depression is plenty exciting. After sitting two episodes out, Harry and Jesse returned from Earth-2 this week, revealing that Jesse has made the long-anticipated transformation into a speedster. Harrison Wells has long been one of the show’s best assets, so it’s great to have him back, especially given he’s immediately chastising Barry for his poor decisions.

Of course, being a parent on The Flash, Harry is terrified at the thought of his daughter actually fighting crime, so he enlists the STAR Labs team to try and talk her out of it. In the end, though, the show doesn’t try to pretend that Jesse isn’t destined to be a hero, and she’s received her Jesse Quick costume before the episode is over.

As for this week’s titular villain, Magenta makes for an interesting look at how Alchemy’s powers work. Frankie had no real desire to become her murderous alter ego, which made for a psychological battle of wills between herself and her Flashpoint counterpoint. Joey King does solid work as the conflicted character, and Magenta’s metal-manipulating powers were solid, if not used to the most creative of ends.

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