Blindspot “Condone Untidiest Thefts” Review (Season 2, Episode 4)

Blindspot - Season 2

It was mobster versus mobster on last night’s episode of Blindspot – or to be more specific it was a former mobster against a secret mobster in the new episode of the crime drama.

On one side of the story you have Patrick O’Malley, the face of one of the biggest mob families in the city, who is dying of cancer and who is the owner of the gun used to shoot his cousin, the honorable Senator Donohue, who unbeknownst to everyone else in the city, is the true head of the mob family, using his dying cousin as his patsy to further his own political ambitions.

In order to prove his claims, though, the FBI team and O’Malley had to pay a visit to his attorney’s office to find tapes – locked up in a safe that used not only a retinal scanner but also a fingerprint scanner – that would document the Senator’s crimes as the true mob boss.

In true ‘Blindspot’ style, however, due to medication for which O’Malley is on within his cancer treatment his fingerprints would not work on the scanner, making it necessary for Patterson to prove her wherewithal of all things techie, helping Jane break into the safe, getting to those tapes.

Unfortunately, the mob had other plans as they were alerted by O’Malley’s attorney – who was forced to work for them since he stepped away from the family business – setting up the FBI agents – as well as Allison Knight (Weller’s baby momma) – for an ambush. It was quite a shoot-out between all of them and the mob, working to get those tapes out of the building.

In the end O’Malley – who only had six months to live – sacrificed himself to the mob shooters in order to allow the FBI agents – and an injured Allison – to get out of the building. In a way, Weller got what he wanted for Allison – that she takes a desk job now that she’s pregnant, but she’ll be back on her feet soon enough, I’m sure.

Then there is the whole downward spiral of Edgar Reade where child molester Coach Jones is concerned. This time around Reade not only staked out his house all night, being asked by a local cop to move his car, that he couldn’t be parked there; but following Jones to a local convenience store and, worse yet, breaking into the Coach’s house where he find a hidden cabinet containing tapes of the Coach’s victims. Did he watch the tape that had his name written on it?

Even more disturbing, did he kill Coach Jones? It certainly looked that way to Zapata, who tracked him down to the Coach’s house. I think viewers knew that Reade was going to go down a dark path, given what probably happened to him, but did any of you see this coming?

And then there is the fact that Jane is remembering some things about the attack on her platoon in Afghanistan; but Shepherd lied to her about how she made it home. Will Jane figure out the truth and will that make her side more with Sandstorm or with the FBI?

So many questions, so many questions. What do you think the answers are? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Blindspot’ will air on NBC next Wednesday, October 19 at 8/7c.