POLL: The Flash’s “Flashpoint” Changes

Barry, Nora, Henry, Iris, joe, Cisco, Caitlin, Wally, Wells - The Flash

Spoiler Alert – I will be discussing the season three episode “Flashpoint,” so if you have not seen it, turn back now!

Today, I have a bonus for you – this is actually a double poll, with two, count them two, questions! Double the fun of an ordinary poll!

Last week, The Flash kicked off its third season with the episode “Flashpoint.” The premiere picked up a few months after season two left off; namely with the effects of Barry’s traveling to the past and saving his mother. As with any good time traveling story, I have a headache from wrapping my brain around some of the details of what happened. So many questions, so little time! But, despite that, I found this to be a very fun and exciting episode and a great way to kick off the new season!

As a brief review, in the season two finale, after Zoom killed Barry’s father, Barry decided that he had had enough, and traveled back in time once again to the moment his mother was killed by The Reverse Flash. However, unlike his previous visit to this moment, he saved his mother, defeated The Reverse Flash, and thus altered the timeline, creating an alternate universe. As with any alternate universe story, in the season three premiere we got to see the main characters living different lives – well, at least some of them!

With that in mind, the purpose of this poll is to answer two questions about the alternate universe lives of the main characters. The questions to consider are: which alternate universe character had the best fit with his or her new life? and which alternate universe character surprised you the most with his or her new life?

Joe West

Joe and Barry - The Flash

Joe West did not fare very well in the alternate universe. We did not get back stories on any of the characters, but I think his might have been pretty interesting. We do see him as an alcoholic, always late for work and on the verge of being fired. He also rejected the assistance Barry seemed determined to give him and was totally not on board with Barry dating Iris!

Wally West

kid flash The Flash Season 3

Wally finally fulfilled his destiny and became The Flash. But, in this timeline, people were referring to him as Kid Flash, something that clearly irritated him. Nonetheless, he carried on fighting crime in Central City, determined to make a difference! Wally did not have the resources Barry’s Flash had in the main universe to assist him.

Iris West

Iris and Barry - The Flash

Iris did not experience much of a change in the alternate universe. She appeared to still be a reporter; the main difference is that she was part of Wally’s Team Flash, learning of crimes and funneling the info to him. She also barely remembered Barry from grade school, but by the end of the episode they were dating.

Cisco Ramon

Cisco - The Flash

Ah, Cisco! Our boy was a tech billionaire resulting from the sale of his apps, and apparently a playboy to boot. We knew you had it in you Cisco! With all his money he bought STAR Labs and turned it into Ramon Industries. One thing I could do without, however, was the smug arrogance. I like the playful, always ready with a nickname for a meta-human Cisco from the main timeline!

Caitlin Snow

Caitlin and Barry - The Flash

Caitlin was still a medical professional, but wow, what a very different branch of medicine she was in now! From bio-engineering to ophthalmologist – and she specialized in pediatrics no less! We did not see that much of her, so it is hard to draw other conclusions, but she did also seem to be a little less determined and more easily frightened.

Barry Allen

Barry, Nora and Henry - The Flash

Barry, of course, was not really changed at all. For an unknown reason, he still had his speed powers. And, he was still a forensic scientist working for the police department. The biggest change for him was of course in his personal life. Both his parents were alive and he was living at home with them.

Harrison Wells

Wells - The Flash

Sadly, Dr. Wells was not in this episode. I would have loved to see him, but probably there was not enough time to squeeze him in. Because I love the character so much, I will make up a story for him. In this alternate universe, he is a world famous naturalist and was off in Borneo studying native species of plants and animals. Doesn’t that sound exciting? If you pick him, then you have to also make up a reason why he did not appear in this episode!


Who would I vote for? Let’s look at the questions again.

Which alternate universe character had the best fit with his or her new occupation?

Discounting the fact that Barry and Iris had minimal changes if any, I think Cisco and his tech billionaire status was the best fit for him. We all know that tech savvy and smart people can easily make wads of money, so his new occupation is the best fit for me!

Which alternate universe character surprised you the most with his or her new occupation?

As for being surprised, well, I was shocked by Caitlin! Meaning no disrespect to Ophthalmologists, since I have worn glasses most of my life and I have nothing but respect for the occupation, but it is quite a leap from bio-engineering to being an eye doctor. Add to that the fact she specialized in pediatrics, and we had never seen her interact with children so who knows what her feelings are on the matter, and it adds up to a big surprise in my opinion!

Now it is your turn to vote! Remember, if you vote for Dr. Well, in either place, then you need to tell me your ideas for where he was and what he was doing during this episode that caused him to be absent!