‘Chesapeake Shores’ (Season 1): Where Do We Go From Here?

Season Finale

Every season finale of any TV show usually gives its viewers answers to lingering season-long questions, puts more questions in the minds of its viewers and/or leaves its viewers with a cliffhanger or two.

The season finale of Hallmark Channel’s Chesapeake Shores was no different last night, as it gave us some answers: Abby’s ex-husband relented on their custody battle, agreeing to let her keep the kids and their original visitation set-up; Trace and Abby are, once again, a couple with Abby telling younger brother Connor that she is Trace’s girlfriend (not returning Leigh, who was back in town – again – so they could get their new album recorded) and Jess getting ready to officially open her bed and breakfast (after some false starts and problems.

The finale also put some questions into our minds:

• What is Megan thinking about doing given her cryptic statement to her son Kevin about maybe being closer than they expect? Is she moving back to Chesapeake Shores?

• Will Bree go back to Chicago given the fact she has been “awarded” the position of Playwright in Residence? Or will she stay in Chesapeake Shores, start a relationship with David and send cheating Martin on his way back to Chicago?

• Why is there an outstanding warrant for Trace? Could that have something to do with the accident that left his bandmate crippled?

• What happened to Trace’s dad? Obviously, if Trace was talking to – presumably – his mother about an ambulance being called, and given that we saw his father in a little bit of distress in an earlier episode, how critical is his condition?

• What will Kevin decide to do about his engagement to Georgia given the fact he told his brother Connor that he doesn’t think he can get married? Will he break things off with Georgia and go back to school as he said he wanted to do?

Then there is the cliffhanger ending of Trace being arrested; not being able to get to his father in the hospital and Abby not being aware of what happened to him. How do you think that whole storyline will be resolved? Perhaps Connor – as an almost attorney – you know it only makes sense that he passes the bar exam, right? – can help get him off what charges will be lodged against him?

Lastly, how about that heart-to-heart that Mick gave all of us kids. Finally coming to accept each of kids for who they are: good, bad or otherwise. That whole speech was pretty moving especially his saying that they have that fighting (Irish) spirit: only stands to reason since their last name is O’Brien.

Here are a couple lingering questions: Will we see Gram Nell return from Ireland? Will Connor make a move on Leigh? Where will Abby’s ex-husband live since he told her he would move closer to them and will that arrangement work out or create more problems?

What are your thoughts about the debut season of the show? Please share your thoughts below.

The second season of ‘Chesapeake Shores’ has not been officially announced by Hallmark yet, but given the show has been touted as the #1 new Sunday drama, it’s hard to believe it won’t be renewed.