Blindspot “If Beth” Review (Season 2, Episode 4)

Blindspot - Season 2

Here we go again, Blindspot viewers! We got to see the whole team “glammed up” this time around, as they attended a gala fundraiser at a New York City Museum where they were trying to track down a believed-to-be terrorist, who was using – basically – a video game-like mod for heists.

But this case was about SO much more than just a heist.

In the opening, we saw an unidentified person taking out a security guard, but to what end? We learned that the person was a woman by the name of Elizabeth Gubara, who was believed to be part of a South African terrorist group. But in actuality she was a deep undercover CIA agent.

Is your head spinning yet?

The team – thanks to the magic that is Patterson, who figured out the honeycomb tattoos on Jane’s hands – found a hacker who basically sold classified actions that allowed ne’er-do-wells (yep, I used that moniker) to make unbelievable heists where they left a number of bodies in their wakes too.

Once they caught the hacker, though, Reade went a little apeshit crazy on him – repressed childhood trauma coming back to haunt him, maybe? – giving him quite an unnecessary beat down.

This all led them to that fancy museum gala fundraiser – again, thank God they have Patterson on the team as she figured out where the next heist was going to be. But the outcome of that fundraiser wasn’t necessarily good for Patterson who was nearly garroted by our presumed terrorist. This also led Jane to having an all-out fight with the terrorist (aka Elizabeth Gubara), who killed two people at the museum and escaped, albeit briefly.

Because of that fight, she left behind prints on one of the weapons she used against Jane, which led the team straight to her former handler: Charles Kessler, who actually turned out to be her former lover and baby daddy to her child who she was led to believe had been killed.

Is your head spinning even more?

On the other spectrum of last night’s story, Jane was taken to Lake Aurora – “halfway to Canada” according to Weller – by her brother Roman because he needed her “to get angry again.” This lake was contaminated back in the 1960’s and as we learned later in the episode, that is “where it all started” for Shepherd. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait for an explanation, as Shepherd revealed to Jane that she and her family spent all their time at that lake. She lost her entire family to that contaminated lake: that lake was “the beginning and what they’re about to do is the ending.” But what exactly do they have planned?

We also got to see Reade start to slip down the rabbit hole because of whatever happened to him in his past – or more to the point, what he doesn’t remember may or may not have happened. But, his sitting outside of Coach Jones’s house – that is not going to be good.

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? How far do you think Reade will go to bring down Jones? What is Zapata up to offering that hacker an “off-the-books mission?” What do you think Sandstorm is planning to use all that C4 on? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Blindspot’ will air on NBC next Wednesday, October 12 at 8/7c.