‘Once Upon a Time’ (Season 6): Making Up For Past Mistakes

Once Upon a Time

The main focus of last night’s new episode of Once Upon a Time focused on making up for past mistakes and, boy, do our heroes (and villains) in the world of Storybrooke, Maine – and beyond – have a lot of mistakes for which to make up.

The most glaring example of making up for past mistakes is that of Regina Mills. As viewers know, last season Regina finally separated herself from the Evil Queen, thinking that she vanquished that side of her personality forever. But, of course, since it is Regina, a happy ending is not in the cards for the reformed evil ruler because the Evil Queen is very much alive, wreaking havoc for her alter ego (and we can be assured that she will do the same toward all the residents of Storybrooke).

Then there is Mr. Gold aka Rumpelstiltskin, who is always working both angles to get what he wants. Right now, he desperately wants his wife Belle back in his life and to protect the life of their unborn child. I give the man credit – he keeps trying, relentlessly, to attain a semblance of a normal, happy life with the woman he loves – but it is the fact that he is and always will be Rumpelstiltskin that will derail his goals every time.

Where the Savior of Storybrooke – that is Emma Swan to all of us – is concerned, it may not be a past mistake that she is currently keeping secret (to everyone except Archie, that is), but that secret could prove detrimental to more than just herself. Not only is she suffering from these mysterious tremors but also the just as mysterious visions of her impending death. How do you see all of that playing out over the season?

And what of the past mistakes of all the new residents of Storybrooke, who traveled – willing or otherwise – from the Land of Untold Stories? They were in that world because they didn’t want their stories to be told; but why? What kind of horrible incidents happened in their lives that would make they want to hide from them?

There is also the fact that the Evil Queen stated that, “we all have stories we don’t want told.” What revelations are we going to learn about from all of the main characters? Whose secret past do you think will be revealed next? If the clips for next week are any example, we will see into the past of Cinderella – good, bad or otherwise. How do you think that will play out and how severe will her past mistakes be? Who do you think will be next? Snow and Charming? Hook? One of the dwarfs?

What are your thoughts on the first two episodes of the new season so far? Do you have any suspicions on who is the hooded figure in Emma’s visions? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the sixth season of ‘Once Upon a Time’ will air on ABC next Sunday, October 9 at 8/7c (but check your local listings as the next Presidential Debates will be held that night and the primetime line-up could vary depending on your timezone).