Once Upon a Time “The Savior” Review (Season 6 Episode 1)

Once Upon a Time s06e01 The Savior

Oh, it’s always good to have Once Upon a Time back on the air. It’s such an inherently goofy show, but I absolutely love seeing what crazy place the show will go to next. And though the show’s had more downs than ups in the past few seasons, a new year promises a chance for the showrunners to refocus and come up with interesting new stories for the characters. While “The Savior” does feature some of the show’s usual problems, it manages to set up an interesting new status quo for the show.

Admittedly, the fact that Aladdin is going to be such a big part of this season is immediately exciting, given my own love for the character. We only get a brief glimpse of him in the opening scene, and it’s as a broken man, but still, it’s one of the major Disney classics the show has yet to fully tackle. We got a hint of it on the underrated Wonderland spin-off, but the show is likely to give us a new look, particularly given that Jafar has been recast.

In the present, Hyde was quick to make his presence felt, though he was comically quick to get smacked down by the heroes. Of course, the Storybrooke prison is hilariously ineffective at actually keeping inmates, so there’s little doubt he’ll escape to continue his nefarious plots soon. I must say, though, as big a fan of Sam Witwer as I am, I do hope he tones back his vocal performance a bit; he’s as over-the-top as Tom Hardy’s Bane.

The more immediate threat, then, is The Evil Queen, split from Regina and ready to wreak havoc on the town she initially created decades ago. Lana Parilla remains one of the show’s best performers, so it’s great to see her get to let loose as a villain in a way she hasn’t for years. And with Regina still around, the show gets to have its cake and eat it, too, not needing to undo all of the character development.

The weakest story this week was watching Gold wake Belle, mainly because this is where the show fell back on old tropes. At this point, it really is safer to assume new characters are related to someone we know than not, so the big reveal that Morpheus was actually Gold and Belle’s child had my eyes rolling. Admittedly, it wasn’t the real Morpheus, but their child in disguise, but still. More pressingly, the callback to Gold and Belle’s previous dances together just serves to remind how terrible Gold has been in the past two seasons. He’s proven himself incapable of true change, so the thought of watching him try to win Belle over yet again is frustrating.

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